While the Little World of Charlie Flanagan was trying to foist a celebration of Royal Irish Constabulary on Irish citizens at those citizens’ expense, Jack Lane of the Aubane Historiclal Society and his colleagues have  been producing a full reprint of the official newspaper of Dail Eireann, giving news and war reports from 12 July 1919 to 11 December 1921.

One might imagine that in the Decade of Remembrance that this job would have been commissioned and funded by the Oireachtas and executed by scholars from Irish Universities and widely disseminated and submitted for review by scholars worldwide. But that was not the agenda of the establishment in Dublin. The lying propaganda of the British administration in Dublin  Castle of 1919-1921 which the IRISH BULLETIN effectively exposed at the time, is routinely recycled in THE IRISH TIMES today and in supposedly historical works by writers such as Robert Kee, one of the many scholars who were once full-time agents with MI5 or MI6.About 4 volumes totalling about 2,000 pages have been produced already.

And for some time the IRISH POLITICAL REVIEW has been publishing, each month, what the IRISH REVIEW was publishing 100 years previously.

In January 1919, following the landslide victory of Sinn Fein and the establishment of the Republic and its Parliament, Dail Eireann, the cutting edge of British repression was the Royal Irish  Constabulary.

Municipal, County Council and other Local Elections were due in 1920 and the high command of the RIC advised its masters in London that they should impose Proportional Representation, so that Sinn
Fein would not have as successful a result as they had in the Parliamentary Election. 

The elections were to be held in January 1920. And among the many activities of – the RIC reported in the IRISH BULLETIN- 

January 12

Armed RIC raided the residency of Mr P. P. Doyle, Chairman of Athy  Urban District Council (Co. Kildare) in order to dismantle his motor car.
The Sinn Fein Election Rooms in Kingstown, Co. Dublin, were raided by the RIC who seized all the Election literature.

January 16

Mr Hynes, organising for the Gaelic League in Kinvarra,, Co Galway, was arrested and remanded in Galway Gaol.
Sinn Fein voters on the way to the polls in Cork by a large party of ex-soldiers. Armed RIC men arrived in a motor lorry and arrested two of the Sinn Fein Party.
Mr W.J.Grogan, Confectioner, of Phibsboro, Dublin, was arrested when leaving his shop and imprisoned in the Bridewell. Np reason was givn for this act, nor
any charge preferred. Mr Grogan is aged 60 and has been in failing health for many years.

Armed RIC dispersed and cleared the City Hall of Sinn Fein sympathisers during the Municipal Elections at Cork. Soldiers  with  Trench helmets and fixed bayonets paraded the streets while voters were going to the polls,

January 19

 In Balbriggan, Co Dublin the RIC raided the premises of A,C,Williams, Newsagent, and seized all copies of “The Watchword of Labour” official organ of the Irish Labour Party. In Capel St,, Dublin. Mr Patrick Fay was arrested by the RIC and deported to Wormwood Scrubs  without charge or trial. He was not associated with any political party.

In Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, sympathisers who gathered to give a send-off to two political prisoners who were being conveyed ti gaol, were charged by a force of RIC who batoned them and fired shots from their revolvers.

These are but a few of the activities of the RIC at the time. Their targets were unarmed people and they particularly picked on political candidates Sinn Fein and Labour, Trade Unionists and teachers of Irish. American newspapers addressed to private citizens in Dublin were seized on the grounds that they contained frienly references to the Republican Movement in Ireland

The Local Elections confirmed endorsed the verdict of the General Election .of thirteen months earlier and most Councils in Ireland affirmed their allegiance to the Republic and responsibility to its national parliament – Dail Eireann.

About seven weeks after taking office, the new Lord Mayor of Cork, Tomas MacCurtain was murdered in his house in the Blackpool area of the city by members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Regular members, not Auxiliaries or Black and Tans.

A couple of days earlier, St Patrick’s Day, the RIC broke up a children’s concert in the Parochial Hall, in Howth, County Dublin. A Unionist member of the District Council, where Sinn Fein, Nationalists and Unionists worked in amity, had a letter (which thhe IRISH TIMES actually published!! condemning the RIC action.

To give Charlie Flanagan his due, he seems to be following the agreed agenda of most Leinster House politicians and of Maurice Manning the “mastermind” of the decade of remembrance. It goes further than national amnesia. It endorses and repeats the lies which Desmond Fitzgerald, Lawrence Ginnell, Frank Gallagher, Robert Brennan,  Erskine Childers and Piaras Beaslaoi exposed and refuted in THE IRISH BULLETIN and other publications one hundred years ago.

When, in April 1919, after a full debate Dail Eireann called for the ostracization of the RIC , by a unanimous vote, that force’s crimes against the Irish people were enumerated by Eoin MacNeill (later a founder of Fine Gael) he described  them as PERJURERS.

Oliver Flanagan was a man of  public, and publicised, piety. Is Charlie Flanagan’s championship of the Royal Irish Constabulary: an example of FILIAL PIETY?

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