I checked Wikipedia for Charlie Flanagan’s antecedents, just to see if I might have been mistaken. But no, Wikepedia said that his father, Oliver Flanagan 1920-1988 was considered a cute hoor.
Elected to the Dail in 1943, in his maiden speech he advocated that Jews in Ireland be got rid of, as Hitler had done in Germany. Hitler’s extermination policy was well under way then, but apparently this was unknown to the rest of the world including Laois Offaly.

Shortly afterwards he levelled charges of corruption at Taoiseach Eamon de Valera, and Cabinet  Ministers Sean Lemass and Gerald Boland. Three High Court Judges, investigated the charges and questioned Flanagan, and found that he had lied. For years the taunt “Perjurer” was thrown at him in the Dail, one that would have in other times have been met by a challenge to a duel, or at least a sock in the jaw. But at each election the Cute Hoor increased his votes.

He was a prominent member of The Knights of Coumbanus and an admirer of the Fascistic Father Fahey, CSSp. I was taught by that Order for two years, and they were fine men, in the main, but Fahey a deluded man. 

For years Oliver Flanagan was an Independent, but was adopted by Fine Gael when that party had lost much of its self-respect. Echoing Philip Larkin, the poet who said  that “sex began in 1963, between
Lady Chatterley and the Beatles First LP ” Oliver declared that there was no sex in Ireland before RTE Television was screened in December 1961.

When Fine Gael had lost ALL of its self respect and insulted President O’Dalaigh, who resigned in protest, Oliver Flanagan was appointed Minister for Defence. The Defence Forces regarded themselves
as the heirs of the forces of Dail Eireann, who defended the people of Ireland and its elected Government from the Royal Irish Constabulary and the other murderous forces of the British Crown from 1919 to 1921.

Charlie Flanagan, son of the Cute Hoor, Oliver Flanagan, regards the IRA of 1919-1921 as murderers, and the people whom they served as accessories to murder.

The Little World of Charlie Flanagan embraces the Tara Street Walkers of The Irish TImes and other quislings.

Will they prevail in the election this week?


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