TRUST and TRUSTS  by Donal Kennedy

Above its title and the Royal Standard, THE TIMES of London describes itself as “Britain’s Most Trusted National Newspaper”.  It’s not much of a boast in  a Rogues’ Gallery.

I could name a couple of titled ex-Editors of the paper who were responsible for spreading lies about the number of fatalities from various communities, and the perpetrators
of the killings, during Britain’s recent war in Ireland. But I am waiting till they join Sir Humphey Atkins, with “the Father of Lies” in a warmer climate before naming them.

THE IRISH TIMES is controlled by an unaccountable, secretive, oathbound “TRUST” set up by the late Lord Goodman, whom a fellow Peer accused of swindling him out of millions of pounds.

For years the paper has been traducing the (Irish) state, its founders, the Irish electorate, and those whose brains, blood, toil, tears and sweat saw it through a the most perilous years of mankind’s presence on Earth.

The part of Ireland under Irish rule was not unique amongst English- speaking states  in its incarceration of children, their transportation to other countries, their subjection to corporal punishment or sexual abuse. Within Ireland, Catholic institutions were not the only offenders. Church of Ireland Institutions were equally guilty.

Apparently some 40,000 or so children were sent to such institutions in a 30 year period. But THE IRISH TIMES, like most of the media has been telling the world, for the last ten years, that 160,000  children were committed to those institutios.

And it has taken until this week, for THE IRISH TIMES, at the direction of the PRESS OMBUDSMAN to publish a letter (by Niall Meehan) to remark on the fact. Every day the paper gives “THE IRISH TIMES VIEW” on everything under the Sun, aping “The Thunderer in London.”   A couple of thundering liars. The British Lyin’ in neighbouring islands!

In a just world THE IRISH TIMES could be penalised for Offences Against the State, Sued for libel, sued by its readers for fraud, boycotted by readers, advertisers (including the State).

One hundred years ago newspapers in Ireland were suppressed, their staff murdered or imprisoned,  their readers courtmartialled for having copies, by the State served by THE IRISH TIMES then, as now. Those nostalgic for British Imperial tyranny, might be chastened by  similar treatment by an Irish elected government.

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