I’ve just been sent the You Tube film of Bill Clinton’s address at Martin McGuinness’s Funeral Mass.

It surpasses that of any statesman, of any age that I have ever read.

I don’t think Clinton employed speech writers and I’m sure that his speech there arose from his own deep understanding of the situation in Ireland, with all its complexities, and the necessity to continue the path that McGuinness had taken, bury old antagonisms and give the rising
generation the opportunity to share a peaceful and reconciled future.

Nothing that George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Burke or Winston Churchill, ever uttered rivalled the intelligence, humour, warmth and constructive advice of Clinton’s speech.
Nothing that Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar, Eoghan Harris, or the British Empire Loyalists of The Irish Times and the Commemoration Advisory Committee have produced display the intelligence and humanity and statesmanship of Bill Clinton.

I was sent the clip with one of Martin McGuinness with Jeremy Paxman where McGuinness competently fielded questions in 2014. But the Clinton speech was a guide to a constructive future, if people live up to it.

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