I’m sure the visit of William and Kate had the approval of the Johnson regime and I can’t quite see what their game is, for that regime is no friend of Ireland, William is no more familiar with Irish or world history than, say, Rev Seamus Murphy, Stephen Collins or most commentators in THE IRISH TIMES.

A few years ago he unveiled a plaque in London to Frank Foley an MI6 agent, for allegedly risking his life to rescue Jews from the NAZIS. In fact Foley was an accredited official in Britain’s Berlin Embassy when Hitler came to power in 1933, perhaps the safest billet in Europe and a longtime collaborator with his Nazi hosts until the outbreak of the war in September 1939.

No sooner had the Nazis come to power and started arresting Socialists and Communists, than Foley and an MI5 man from London were invited to Horst Wessel Haus, to transcribe lists of left-wingers so that if any of them surfaced in Britain or her Empire, His Majesty’s Security Services could nab them, or steam open their mail, bug their phones,and bugger up their careers. While Foley and Guy Liddell  spent over a week transcribing thousands of names in the Nazi HQ they could hear the cries and moans of left-wingers being interrogatd by their Nazi friends.  

(See my BLOG “HITLER’S BRITISH FRIENDS”  Feb 16 2016).

This was by no means the only collaboration between British and NAZI security services. On the eve of war one of Scotland Yard’s most senior officers wrote how grieved he was not to keep an an appointment with Reinhard Heydrich for a lecture on German Police methods and a conducted tour of the facilities at Dachau. The Scotland Yard Officer and Frank Foley were old Boys of Balliol College, Oxford, as was Sir Michael O’Dwyer of Punjab infamy. Incidentally THE IRISH TIMES hailed Hitler’s accession to power in an editorial -“HERR HITLER’S WAY”.

Anyhow it seems that William and Kate are pawns of the Johnson regime. A rum bunch if ever there was one. Michael Gove when snorting coke and writing opinion pieces in THE TIMES, described the 1916 Insurgents as “SQUALID GANGS WHO BETRAYED IRELAND” and  hailed Conor Cruise O’Brien as “THE GREATEST LIVING IRISHMAN” on the Cruiser’s 90th birthday. The Cruiser had he lived and not repented his own betrayal of Ireland would not have approved of Prince William honouring Ireland’s Republican heroes. 

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