Michael John Cummings is Secretary of the American Brexit Committee

March 19, 2020 Philadelphia & Washington, D. C.   Under the cover of frenzied pandemic responses by governments around the world, Britain is rushing the get-out-of-jail free bill through Parliament for security forces who have killed innocent civilians in N. I.   It was done without any prior consultation with the Irish government in another clear defiance of the spirit and intent of the 1998 Belfast Treaty. 

“This proposed action by Prime Minister Johnson,” stated Philadelphia attorney John Corcoran, Chairman of the Committee, “is a continuation of a pattern of disregard for the Irish peace process and the rule of law which has characterized British government policy for the past 20 years.  So fearful of their crimes being exposed, they have rushed this measure to Parliament even before bills addressing the Covid19 pandemic!” 

Stated Ms. Sara McAuliffe of Carnegie, PA:  Was there ever a clearer indication   of the contempt this British government has for the Good Friday Agreement and for those who have defended it including  especially the Speaker of the House of Representatives who last year warned the British of undermining the peace accord?”

“It is just another indication,” stated Tampa, FL resident Paul Murray,” that the Ministry of Defense not Parliament runs N. I. and their goal is to destabilize the North.  What better way to do so then promote this injustice and reward MI-5 for their murderous campaigns?”

“Now is the time,” concluded Boston.MA attorney John Foley, “to let Members of Congress and the new Special Envoy Mick Mulvaney know that the time to reveal the facts  of lawlessness by the British in N. I. is at hand.  If they want a new trade deal with Americans   to escape  Brexit consequences,  they  will want the truth!!”

A letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi was released which explains the concerns of the ABC and requests that if there is to be a new US-UK trade deal, it be contingent on a ‘deep-dive’ into Britain’s killing fields and corruption in Northern Ireland.

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