Thinking of Niall, ár gcara by Joe McVeigh

One of our well known hymns is ‘Be Not Afraid, I go before you always…” We could all sing that song now whether we are believers or not. We all need strength and courage during this awful pandemic. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, his story is a story of courage and endurance. He was strong and humble, kind and sensitive. He faced his torture and death -believing that it would lead to a new life not just for him but for all who wanted to share that new life. He inspired many during his short life by his wisdom and courage, his humility and kindness. Those first disciples who believed in the Christ – the resurrected Jesus began to see and experience life in this world in a new way –that is in a mystical way-a way of hope. They began to see and experience life as the beginning of the new and eternal life with Christ in the presence of God. They too became fearless –in the face of persecution.

If ever we needed the values of Jesus the Christ in our lives and in our world, we need them these days  faced as we all are with the pandemic of Covid 19 which is sweeping the world –and causing so many of our brothers and sisters to die and many to suffer grievously.

Yesterday, I learned that a long-standing friend Niall Murphy was suffering from the illness. I join with many who know and admire Niall in praying that he will soon be restored to full health. I pray also for all those who are caring for him-and all those in the frontline-doctors, nurses and hospital staff. They too are people of great courage.

Niall Murphy has always shown great courage in his life as a lawyer and human rights activist. We so needed him through the years and he was always generous with his time and his expert advice as a lawyer. When he recovers DV and when we all recover from this nightmare we will need him even more to lead us and advise us. A Dhia Uilechumhachtach tabhair sláinte iomlán do ár gcara Niall agus tabhair ar áis é chun a theaghlach féin agus chun an phobail uile. A Mhúire na nGael guí orainn ag an am seo.

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