How did it all start?

Given that the coronavirus has been pretty much the sole topic of every TV news programme for weeks now, it’s strange that one element has been missing. Even stranger is the fact that the person who came closest to referring to that missing element was the last person you’d expect.

The question is this:  what started/created this coronavirus?  The explanation we’ve heard has been that it probably came to life in a Chinese market, where live animals and food products were jammed close together, and somehow the bug lepped from the live animal into the food, someone ate the food and that got it going. There’s other talk of somebody eating a bat (reminds me of the comics of my youth where all Chinese characters had a pigtail and a sort of saucer on their head and were forever making birds’ nest soup). But if you go with the bat thing,  was that the first bat ever eaten by a human being in history?

Remember, I’m not talking about the speed with which the virus made its way around the world faster than a lie. Globalisation takes care of that bit. I’m talking about how or why it started. The person who kind of touched on it was, of all people, D Trump.  He keeps referring to it as the ‘Chinese virus’, which is an effort to demonise the Chinese. At the same time it did start in a Chinese city.

The thing is, we all assume it started by accident.And it almost certainly did. But what if it started in a Chinese lab? And one of the little buggers got out of the test tube?

You can see what a tremendously powerful weapon germ warfare could be, assuming that the people launching the war had a vaccine for it or were otherwise immune to it. Because not even a nuclear explosion would have been so successful in stopping EVERYTHING.  No need to suit and boot tens of thousands of armed soldiers. Just get the bug going and the enemy will find his/her society completely screwed up – people dying, hospitals overloaded, people effectively under house-arrest.  As a weapon, the coronavirus would be massive. 

Of course it’s not that at present – the Chinese lost over 3000 people to it – although that seems a smallish total, given what we’ve seen in other countries.  But are the Chinese working on germ warfare research? You betcha. As are the Americans, and no doubt the Brits.  Talk about a Doomsday weapon.

Doesn’t it seem quaint that at one time, the only virus national governments were worried about were the ones that screwed up computer systems? All that seems small beer now.

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