Alumni of one Old School will recognise the motto which means constancy amid things that must change, if I remember correctly.

On Sunday 19  April,for the first time in five weeks, I got hold of the “hard copy” of a newspaper. It was the Sunday Times, stablemate of THE TIMES of London.
Its culture section has a review of a book on Vladimir Putin, by a former Financial Times Moscow correspondent, who like every Western commentator
I’ve read,is hostile to him personally and not particularly concerned for legitimate Russian or Arab, African, Asian, interests,

The author, Catherine Belton,oncedes that claims that its subject and the KGB orchestrated the so-called”Red Brigade” terrorists in Italy and “The Baader-Meinhof”
gang in Germany in the 1970s and 1980s is impossible to verify .But it seems that she and the reviewer, Arkady Ostrovsky,are inclined to believe that such
an apprenticeship for Putin and his KGB comrades might explain their ” subversive operations against the West across half the globe.”

I suspect that my origins are more deeply Western than those of Mr Ostrovsky. I can’t see how any of Mr Putin’s known actions have injured or threatened my interests or those of people from further West -in Latin America, for instance. He has been instrumental in defeating  the attempt  at the total dismemberment of Syria.
The owner of the SUNDAY TIMES. and THE TIMES, Rupert Murdoch hopes to profit from Israel’s illegal occupation of the Golan Heights, in Syria’s soveieign territory. (See my BLOG -Serious About Syria?)

While certain things change, THE TIMES and media of its ilk have a certain consistency –

“The native Irish…defy all ordinary attempts to tame them into agricultural labourers… hence that miserable and helpless being the Irish cottier…(Its) condition
and character has been so often described…that we need not prove the existence of such a class incompatible with civilization…. Calamitous as are the events
by which it has come to pass, we now thank Heaven that we can speak of a class that has been….We resign ourselves without reserve…to (Ireland’s) continued
depopulation until only a half or a third of the nine millions claimed for her by O’Connell remain. We may possibly live to see the day when her chief product will
be cattle and English and Scotch the majority of her population.”

2 January 1852

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