I read in THE IRISH TIMES that some of the protective gear acquired from China at great haste may not be of bespoke standard.

THE IRISH TIMES apes British Cold War propagandists, including a Mancunian Candidate in the Guardian, a paper which is not
a pedantic stickler for the truth. For instance it peddled the story that Paddy Ashdown used kid gloves when he arrested John
Hume, whereas he roughed up Hume and other peaceful protesters, whose protests were later upheld in Court. Its reporter
Ann McHardy, who had long experience in Ireland said that Liam Cosgrave was the son of Ireland’s first elected Government
leader, whereas W T Cosgrave was first appointed to Cabinet Office in 1919 by Eamon de Valera.

China’s behaviour on the world stage in recent decades has been non-confrontational, to say the least. It seems to me that it
has been constructive and collaborative. I don’t know about  THE LITTLE RED BOOK by Chairman Mao..Perhaps that
primer has been superseded by “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE”  by Dale Carnegie,

Leo Varadkar, who might learn something from Dale Carnegie, has thanked the Chinese people and their President, Xi Jinping
for their generosity to Ireland.

I don’t know how I can square that with honouring the thugs who murdered Tomas Mac Curtain, burned Cork’s City Hall and
(Andrew) CARNEGIE LIBRARY, and much of that city in 1920. Perhaps consistency is the hob-goblin of small minds and
Leo is a genius.

The generosity of the Chinese reminds me of that of the Americans in 1960 when Ireland needed equipment urgently. And I
don’t think anyone was ungrateful.

The United Nations required troops to help stabilize the mess created by little Catholic Belgium in the Congo.Within
weeks Ireland, organised a Batallion, wearing bulls-wool uniforms for Equatorial Africa. Uncle Sam donated from its
stockpile boots created for the freezing mud of Korea. No bellyaching from Ireland on that.

Protective gear, unsolicited by the Irish, was offloaded on them also. Not, so far as I know, of Savile Row, Bespoke standard.
Perhaps even OFF THE PEG, for Defence Force members which did not measure up to Texan dimensions nor wear
ten-gallon hats.

But it would have been ungracious to look a gift-horse in his nose-bag.

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