Being Alert by Randall Stephen Hall

Being human is to be alert. To leave the house is to be alert.

So to “BE ALERT” seems like stating the obvious. I agree, we 

need to be alert, all of us. Maybe we need to be alert to how life

and politics actually works. The highs and lows of society and how 

we are born into places and positions from which many of us cannot



By Randall Stephen Hall ©

Be alert, don’t be a loof-ah

Be a Bert, don’t be a tube-ah.

Be a Rosie be a Jim

Don’t be too fat 

Don’t be too thin.

Be on watch and be on call 

Be around in case she falls.

In case he cries, lost in the mist

Dementia wounds and needs a kiss.

Be a-lert a Bossanova

We’re living in wee Borisovah.

Covid counts as round it goes

Alert we sleep, in rough repose.

Bandaged, masked and prepped in plastic.

To just survive . . . 

Fucking fantastic!

We’ll be alert, we’ll be at ease

We’ll wake each day, the news we’ll see.

Abstracting numbers on distant screens

Empty streets, just dis-dancing.

Be alert and be elastic

Donald Trump he’s so Tan-Fastic!

It’s good to know he’s got our backs

Will those wee voters

Ever let him back?

So be alert to here right now

Locked in like fossils

Amber resin rows.

We’re looking out

To when it’s ov-vah

We’ll still be living

In Borisovah.

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