The Island with no name by Randall Stephen Hall

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ISBN 0 9528922 8 6

This story began some time ago . . . I’ll keep it brief.

Away back in 2000/2001 I had travelled twice to Canada.

First to Vancouver Island and then Sioux Valley Reserve

two hours drive West of Winnipeg. My Great Grandfather 

was born near Winnipeg in 1864.

I stayed on a number of reserves, made friends there and

met many other people along the way. These experiences influenced

part of this story. Another main element was a big rock figure sitting

on an island off The Giant’s Causeway on the shores of Co. Antrim in 

Northern Ireland, (one  of the many titles you can use for this part of Ireland).

I’ve just finished a film version of “The Island with no Name.” It has 

evolved in different stages. The third element turned up, while coming back from a British Council funded trip to Bologna in 2001. I missed my connecting flight in Brussels. During the following three hours I wrotea long extended poem. Part of my writing evolved into a story about an island.

By bringing the three experiences together the story emerged though, I wasn’t fully conscious of what I was working on at the time. 

After that the drawings came, followed by enjoyable years of visiting schools as a storyteller. In these sessions I would also do big drawings in the class room, using original poems and interactive singing. Together we would do drawings from  “The Island with no Name”.

The first time  I ever told this story was at St. Mary’s Primary School on Rathlin island in Co. Antrim, along with Barnish Primary, Ballycastle Primary and then on to Limavady. Many years have passed since then. I have been lucky to travel to many parts of Ireland. I have grown through these experiences. Enriched by the travel, the knowledge and the contact with many folk. 

Sometimes it takes years for a story to emerge, like a butterfly. You never know where these wings will take you.

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