Zoom chat: Pat McArt talks about being Derry Journal editor in the 1980s

Yet another 20-minute chat with Pat. We kept it down to 20 minutes with a real effort: there were so many aspects of his work in Derry then, we could have gone on for an hour. But we agreed that people coming to this blogsite don’t want a loooong video. (If we’ve got that wrong, TELL US.) We also had planned to move from talking about the Derry Journal and discuss the role of the local paper in Ireland and why it matters (if it does), and if there is something that could replace it, other than local radio. And we also had in mind talking about the national media – the national media in Ireland (remember ‘Daily Ireland’?) and what impact they have on politics here, and ditto for the island next door.

But there’s only so much you can squeeze into 20 minutes. I liked it. Let me know if you did. Or didn’t.

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