What considerate host offers pork to Jewish or Moslem guests, beef to Hindus or meat to vegetarians?

I venture to suggest that none would. The considerate host or hostess would discriminate between their guests if wishing to win or retain their friendship.

So, discrimination is essential to peace and friendship between human beings.

Again, if I chose to use “the gents” rather than “the ladies” ( before lockdown) I was practising discrimination.

And if at a dance I chose ladies rather than gents as partners, again I was practising discrimination. Quite shamelessly and with no regrets, on my part.(While I never danced with Wolves, and drew the line with Spurs.)

Discrimination is not a synonym for victimisation. I try not to be cruel or offensive to anybody. I’ll qualify that. I don’t feel obliged to spare the feelings of people I believe to be habitual and unrepentant evildoers. I am, fortunately, not the victim of their evil. But, as a human being I’m obliged to show solidarity with the innocent victims of injustice, whatever their class, colour, nation or creed, and to condemn the perpetrators, whatever their classcolour, nation or creed, and their spin-doctors in media, academia and Bully Pulpit or Band Wagon. 

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