THE TIMES today  (2nd June) has an Editorial excoriating Russian, Chinese and Iranian propaganda. Enough to make a Persian cat laugh.

It’s no time to Pussy-Foot about THE TIMES, the love-child of the Smotherer of Parliaments and the Father of Lies.

On 20th April  it reported that a poll conducted by the Henry Jackson Society indicated that 80% of Britons want China to face an inquiry into the spread of the Corona Virus. It  prompted my BLOG of 24 April -IS THE HENRY JACKSON SOCIETY MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE CORONA VIRUS?

THE TIMES alleged in 1981 that the IRA had killed over 2,000 Protestants since 1969. When Taoiseach Albert Reynolds, in pursuit of peace, in the 1990s, pressed President Clinton for an American Visa for Irish Passport-holder Gerry Adams, a former Editor of the paper, Simon Jenkins, briefed White House Staff with the story that the IRA had killed “3,000 Britons.”  Gerry Adams got his Visa, the Peace Process proceeded. But in 2001, long after the Good Friday Agreement, the fool Jenkins boasted of his lying in a piece for his old paper.

As part of its character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn, THE TIMES 6th July 2019 revealed, in an article by Dominic Kennedy ,that the IRA had killed 1,800 persons since 1969 ,approximately  650 of them civilians. As THE TIMES is on record for cataloguing  the  RUC as civilians the IRA would appear a relatively pacifist organisation. About 3,500 people died from violence during the unpleasantness. And Jeremy Corbyn took no part in it. (SEE BLOG – “THE TIMES COMES CLEAN”  7th July 2019.

THE IRISH TIMES, shadow and soulmate of  the  “Thunderer”  of London has just  produced a Supplement which seeks to discredit the Irish hero Tom Barry and absolve London  from responsibility for the murder of Lord Mayor MacCurtain of Cork in March 1920.

The Irish Times, has, since its foundation in 1859, generally been an anti-Irish Paper.

It is currently under the dictatorship of a secretive, oath-bound, otherwise unaccountable Trust, established by the crooked fixer Lord Arnold Goodman,  at the behest of Harold Wilson, masterminded by Sir Andrew Gilchrist, Ambassador in Dublin in 1969. 

Gilchrist, when Ambassador in Jakarta in 1965 was responsible for the murder of about one million Indonesian citizens and the suppression of the truth about. the atrocities he arranged.  (The London Times today accuses President Putin of organising assassinations outside Russia. )

An oathbound Coroner’s Jury in Cork, found that Lord Mayor MacCurtain had been murdered by Royal Irish Constabulary personnel under District Inspector  Swanzy, and that they were acting in accordance with the policy of the Lord Lieutenant, Field Marshal French, and named members of the British Cabinet including the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George.

THE IRISH TIMES says the killers were “Rogue members of the RIC.”        

Like the vast majority of my generation in Ireland I never saw a copy of THE IRISH TIMES in my house as a child. It had a very limited circulation and was virtually unknown amongst Northern Unionists, and a limited one amongst middle class Protestants, many of them nostalgic for British Rule in the rest of the country.

My father objected to the fact that it annually had District Inspector Swanzy on its Role of Honour.

Even when the paper embraced the Nation, under the Editorship of Douglas Gageby, and the Nation embraced it, THE IRISH TIMES icontinued to feature Swanzy on that Roll .

I would suggest that a catalogue of Rogues of Honour should include many Editors and contributors to THE TIMES, and most Editors (excluding Douglas Gageby) of its Dublin Shadow, and to those prepared to honour the corporate memory of the Royal Irish Constabulary.

That Rogues’ Gallery might include     Leo Varadkar,  Micheal Martin, Charles Flanagan, and Maurice Manning in its front seats.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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