The letter below, submitted to the IRISH TIMES, was not printed. If the principle advocated were   adopted it might result in more honesty in business, politics and journalism.    In spiking the letter, the paper might be covering more than its ass.     

lettersed@irishtimes.com    23 July 2020
The abolition of oaths and affirmations in Courts, as advocated by Paul Murray, makes good sense.
But only up to a point M’Lud.
Betting one’s soul, at an unspecified future time, is not considered an immediate risk.
But if men were to get back to basics, as understood by their forebears they could make the risk immediate.Time was when each male witness “testis” swore by his testes. The prospect of parting company with themon being proven liars might concentrate minds.
Female witnesses might be wary of suffering fates worse than death if they dishonoured their oaths.
Though a jury might be long out on that suggestion.

Yours faithfully

Donal Kennedy


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