Freedom of the press and Official Secrets Act by Donal Kennedy

The  British Parliament had its Third Reading on an Official Secrets Bill on 30 June 1920 and THE TIMES voiced its disquiet at what it claimed was an attempt to muzzle the Press. Which it reprinted today.  (30.6.2020) I don’t know whether the Official Secret Act  in force today is  exactly ,as the Bill introduced in 1920.

But the principles professed by THE TIMES in 1920 are I believe valid today, and adherence to them  remains necessary for good government and the practice of intelligent citizenship.

It’s 25 days today snce the Editor of TRIBUNE (whose predecessors  included  Chris Mullin, Michael Foot and George Orwell) posed questions to, or about Sir Keir Starmer.

If they have been answered since, I must have been dozing. Perhaps the answers are covered by The Official Secrets Act


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