The things you hear on the radio

I’m listening to the Nolan Show. It’s the Twelfth, although it’s the Thirteenth, so Stephen is having a balanced discussion. On the one hand there is Jamie Bryson, and on the..uh…other hand there’s Malachi O’Doherty.  I mean, come on, guys. The BBC balance in action?  Either they’re indulging in a cynical act of hypocrisy, or else they think this really is balance, in which case they all should be fired, on the grounds that eight-year-olds shouldn’t be running the airwaves.

I gather there are 250 bands even now limbering up their flutes and doing warm-up exercises with their drums. I had a man email me yesterday and tell me my blog was one-sided, forgetting all the good things the OO is doing in the unionist community. Right. And the good they’ve done to both communities over the past three hundred or is it four hundred years, with division, sectarianism and violence following it year after year after year.

Really – until the OO and its enthusiasts accept the truth of its sectarian origins, its sectarian rulings and the violence it attracts,  the notion of reconciliation in this society is a non-starter. If unionism can’t see that, they’re a lot less smart than I think they are.

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