Words to live by : ‘Person. Woman.’ Etc.

If it was anybody else you’d feel sorry for them. But with D Trump, you know his memory boast of ‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV’ comes from a smelly little corner of his head where he’s trying to tell the American public: ‘Look – I am as sharp as a razor. Joe Biden has a crumbling brain.’

He also shows that he doesn’t know what intelligence or a well-equipped mind is. It’s true that a good memory is an important part of having a strong intelligence, but in itself a good memory just means that you can do what a well-trained parrot could do, and a computer or tape-recorder could do far more easily and better.

I once taught a 13-year-old Canadian boy who, if you gave him the number of any bus running in the city, could reel off the starting time, the route it took, the time it arrived at various points, and when it arrived back in the bus station. Amazing. Except that was it. He read with great difficulty and his writing was often illegible as well as incomprehensible.

One by one, Trump’s strong cards are being ripped from his hand. Jobs. Health. Race. Huge rallies. He may point to the stock market still going fine, but what are the odds it’ll take a plunge rather than a leap between now and November?

Even though I have a son and two grandchildren living in the US,  I still think that the US’s various misfortunes will be worth it if it ends with Trump being dumped come November.  The fact that my son sees things the same way tells you all you need to know about this parody of a president.

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