Noah Donohoe: Establishing the Facts from the Fiction by Donal Lavery

By Donal Lavery 

“While police officers who blatantly shaft the common people believe that they are God, they are the Devil to those that they wrong.” – Steven Magee

“With class, as with race, it is the status quo that the police act to preserve and the interests of the powerful they seek to defend, not the rule of law or public safety.” – Kristian Williams 

Someone once told me a strange simile, that the media and some of the police are rather like a knife and a “rotting” apple  – if the former cannot penetrate the latter then you simply will have no “seeds” to bear, so to speak! As bizarre a use of language as that is, it is nonetheless correct. Without the media penetration and exposure of the fortress of ‘secrecy’ and ‘officialdom’ entrenching the police and civil authorities an uninformed population can do little to hold them to account and unsolved deaths/scandals become the ‘norm’. After all, what action can the citizen take on a matter they know little to nothing about? Who even decides what is newsworthy nowadays? More and more, the ‘mainstream media’ have become a mere “arm of the state”. 

In the case of Noah Donohoe, the population have been instructed against speculating or engaging in “conspiracy theories”, when actually the wrongful speculation and untruths have in some instances come from the Police themselves, which were then outlined by the media throughout the ongoing investigation. Let me elaborate further on what I mean by this;

1. We were told that the PSNI had carried out a “community consultation” with residents in the locality of the storm-drain where Noah’s remains were discovered and where he went missing in broad daylight. The Police themselves subsequently admitted this was incorrect.

2. We were told that the PSNI had carried out a “leaflet drop” around the doors to raise awareness of the case and seek residents willing to come forward with any and all information. The Police themselves subsequently admitted this was incorrect. They refused to even disclose this apparent “leaflet” and some CCTV footage to Noah’s own mother, Fiona – breaching, I believe, the very same Freedom of Information Act (2000) standards they are required to uphold. I hope people take the time to report this double standard to the Information Commissioner’s Office by way of a formal complaint. 

3. We were told that the Police suspected Noah may have died as a result of a “serious head injury” after allegedly falling off his bicycle, as apparently stated by a local citizen in this ‘tense’ estate. The Police themselves subsequently admitted that this was incorrect as the autopsy cited the cause of death to be “drowning”. 

4. We were told that the (non-medically qualified) Police suspected that there was “no foul play” involved in Noah’s disappearance and death. The Police themselves subsequently have not admitted this was an incorrect statement – Indeed, some politicians and the public have done so for them, in sheer disbelief that a fourteen year old schoolboy could even access the storm-drain facility in question when I, as a 28 year old man of average height and weight, certainly ‘physically’ cannot. In addition to this, previous attacks on young people prior to Noah’s disappearance and death were evidently not even considered or seem to be being considered as having parallels (even though they happened to young people of the same age category, same religious background and within the same vicinity of Noah’s disappearance and suspicious death). 

At this point I would ask you all the question as to whether there is a validity in ringing the Police to potentially report the conduct of other Police? This is not without foundation, as officers have been charged and prosecuted before for a range of diverse criminal matters or penalised by the civil authorities for misconduct offences (as referenced below). The question that people should be putting to their own parliament is that if we are deemed to be within the so-called “UK Jurisdiction”, then why is an evident double standard being applied in the facilitation of this seminal investigation? If this young man was English, Welsh or Scottish, this would never be allowed to persist as it has and scores of “forensic experts” of all kinds would already be deployed around the clock.

The “lame stream” media, who rely on the civil authorities to grant them “perks”, interviews and access to information to report on, have (I believe) had a lacklustre approach by way of precedent cases – Remember the Moors and Soham Murders (where in the latter, the bodies of the disappeared young girls were mysteriously found in an irrigation ditch)? Remember how Myra Hindley was even released from prison to try to help assist in locating the remains of the disappeared and dead children? 

You will see below, for your own eyes, that the PSNI are using COVID-19 to delay the timely processing and disclosure of pertinent data under the Freedom of Information Act (2000), as is pursuant with this case. How exactly does a virus prohibit administrative personnel from releasing information largely logged within a standard Police database system? This, and the many other unsolved and outstanding cases of death and destruction of lives, which remain with the Police Ombudsman, is seemingly collapsing faith in the wider criminal justice system (in my own analysis). It simply cannot be allowed to stand – Please email and contact your MLAs, MP’s, the Police Ombudsman and the Information Commissioner’s Office, to convey your heartfelt thoughts and concerns in tribute to this remarkable young man (and out of respect for the dignity and grace of his heroic mother, Fiona). Remember this: when the horrific 9/11 attacks occurred, only nineteen people committed horrendous acts leading to the deaths of 2996 people. But thousands and thousands more people, as concerned citizens, rushed to “Ground Zero” and the other impacted areas, to help and support fellow human beings in a time of darkness and despair. For Noah, this will be one heck of a legal and media “marathon” but YOU all are the support he needs to avoid becoming a “statistic”.

-Please sign the attached petition and have the Police Ombudsman win the respect of her own people. 



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