Prince Andrew & Belfast’s Youth: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? by Donal Lavery

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts.. perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” – John Steinbeck

“Put not your trust in Princes.” – Psalm 146:3-5, The Holy Bible

Before I begin I must state that I actually do not dislike the Queen and think she has done many positive things, as well as leading her country through enormous changes in the world. Everyone knows who the Queen is and perhaps that is what makes Britain so attractive to tourists who so badly want to gain sight of this lady of graciousness, fortune and fame. But it is not really the Queen herself I am writing about. And we must accept that the people around her who occupy Buckingham Palace and the Crown estates are just as ‘dysfunctional’ as any other family and those we seen for years on the Jeremy Kyle show.

Kitty Kelley once wrote a fantastic book on the Royal Family (widely available on Amazon) detailing many of their positive and less amicable aspects. In that book she accused Sarah Ferguson of being a bit of a ‘loose cannon’; Princess Margaret of being anti-Semitic and unaware of her husband’s secret love child and of many Royals sleeping around as they saw fit. She told the world that Prince Philip was no respectable figure of fidelity and had cheated on the Queen throughout their 70 year marriage with various women. She revealed that it was the Queen Mother and Lady Fermoy (Diana Spencer’s grandmother) who set up the marriage of the Prince and the former, deceased Princess of Wales. All of it was dubbed “trash”, “fiction”, “scandalous” and “sensationalist” at the time.

Kelley also made claim that Lady Diana was the only one who was truly “royal” in the proper sense of that word with her dignity and modesty in reaching out to the marginalised. Now, the tables have turned for some and we know quite a bit more about members of Britain’s ‘first family’.

As of lately, the most embattled member of “the firm” is the Queen’s favourite son, Prince Andrew – the Duke of York. He has been named and accused by various sources of abusing underage girls (in their teens) at the facilitation of Jeffrey Epstein and Miss Maxwell – who have also been accused of working for Israeli intelligence. Please note that these are still allegations and are subject to legal proceedings in US courts and with the US authorities to determine their full accuracy.

If however these electric allegations are true and Miss Maxwell does have records of prominent and powerful figures in compromising circumstances involving children, then it raises the question of what exactly she was doing with this? We know from the Kincora affair here that ‘Blackmail’ by state actors and intelligence personnel was a systemic practice – William McGrath was a British Israelite and an agent of MI6 and MI5 before his death. He received a very lenient sentence for such horrific crimes against children. Rumoured to be among the list of visitors at Kincora was the former Prime Minister Ted Heath and the uncle of Prince Philip, Lord Mountbatten.

This “dirty war” of blackmail and extortion had no limits and money never seemed to be an issue with those involved – as Lyra McKee documented in her seminal work “Angels with Blue Faces” before her untimely death. However, following questioning by the BBC in an interview, the anxious Prince Andrew showed signs and cues of a man whose story seemed, in my opinion, a bit farfetched and inconsistent. From his rumoured inability to sweat as a result of service in the Falklands to his attempts at minimising the full extent of relations with Epstein and Maxwell. Not many people in the public believed it and the Queen cancelled planned birthday celebrations for her favourite son.

This is a man who even before the Epstein scandal broke, which included the suspicious suicide of Epstein himself, always seemed to have an ‘interest’ in the affairs of young people near and far. I have included articles in the reference section which detail how he visited the offices of a prominent and respectable global accountancy firm in Belfast (who obviously did not comprehensively know at the time about his full links with a convicted child abuser – Epstein) where he gave his “blessing” to a scheme for school-leavers as young as 16 to train to become Chartered Accountants. This was well publicised at the time and hailed as a joyous occasion for job creation and youth opportunities which he unveiled.

Given all that has emerged so far about the Duke of York, I am not so sure the parents of those school-leavers would permit them to be a part of any  such visit and mingling with a notable figure like him now. Let’s hope the American justice system, which has prosecuted and jailed Vice Presidents and Attorney Generals before (See – Spiro Agnew and John Mitchell as examples) and which regards people as ‘citizens’ and not “subjects” under the Crown, will robustly get to the bottom of this whole murky debacle that the Queen’s favourite son is telling the world he will cooperate with when the American authorities are alleging how he is dodging the very facility to do so.

These protracted legal battles could be the final nail in the coffin of the House of Windsor once the Queen herself passes away – should public resentment of the monarchy skyrocket as a result of Prince Andrew’s questionable associations as well as Meghan and Harry’s choice to disassociate themselves from Royal affairs. Perhaps Machiavelli and Psalm 146:3-5 were right all those centuries ago when they opined “Put not your trust in Princes”!

(I would ask all my readers to please take the time to watch the YouTube interview with Kitty Kelley I have included on “The Royals” and to read any of the references I have cited to substantiate my writings so that nobody can say I am being unfair or biased).


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Kitty Kelly Author Of The Royals 1997 Geraldo Rivera

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