The Nolan Show and the shameful Shinners

As my fingers trip along the keyboard, I’m hearing Stephen Nolan doing what he can to change the Clifden Cock-up into the Shinner Shameful Hypocrisy, because the Shinners went to Bobby Storey’s funeral. See what he did there? Took an event in a foreign country and  in our wee country morphed it into a big blackthorn stick for the back of the Shinners.  Right now he’s talking to Mary Lou McDonald. She’s not there, of course, but that doesn’t stop Nolan giving her a proper dressing down, with questions like “Given this double standards on respect and integrity, what would a united Ireland look like?”

Ooops. He’s criticising the PSNI – no, Virginia, not for their performance in the Noah Donohoe case – for not telling that they are tackling the shameful actions at the Bobby Storey funeral. “What on earth is going on?” Nolan asks rhetorically. What indeed.

His guest is – well spotted, Virginia, although the average turnip could have anticipated the name of Nolan’s guest- that colossus of the airwaves, Jim Allister!  

Jim has now shuffled off and been replaced by Mick Fealty, who has started by saying “This is not all about Sinn Féin” and then going on to make it all about Sinn Féin.

A caller has paused in kicking the Shinners and has mentioned – OMG – the name of Noah Donohoe. I expect Nolan will pick up on that but I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell whether he does or not, because right now,  I have an appointment to grease the boil on the cat’s back.  I always find that soothing after listening to the Nolan Show.

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