Britain’s Brexit tactics by Michael J Cummings

With the introduction of the Internal Markets Bill, PM Johnson  threatens  to ignore provisions of the Irish Protocol in the EU Withdrawal Agreement.  It is another desperate tactic of an ever desperate Britain.   Benjamin Schwarz’ recent review of Ian Buruma’s  The Churchill Complex notes that the US-UK special relationship was “…born of Britain’s desperation…”and this latest stunt is of that character.    Brexit bullying hasn’t worked for Boris so he attempts to summon   American sympathy.  What kind of sympathy can be felt for a man who declares he will “…only agree to a trade deal with the EU if it is largely freed of EU rules, standards, and oversight…?”  In other words, wanting to have his cake and eat it.   

“The British are really amateurs at trade negotiations,” claimed former Irish Ambassador to the UK, Bobby McDonagh who linked  this latest kerfuffle  to  Britain’s incompetence.    Former WSJ Europe Editor Ms. Therese Raphael noted the UK  offered no standards or regulations of their own to offer the EU and intends to adopt their own State subsidy program.   Is this TACTICS  101 or  is there a hidden  Brexit agenda involving Northern Ireland?   But of course.      

The Ministry of Defense actually runs N. I. and   is coordinating a triple-play scheme to undermine EU human rights obligations and blow smoke at U. S. officials pushing a US-UK trade deal.  First, the Wall Street Journal printed an op-ed piece by Britain’s Secretary of State for Defense,Ben Wallace, steeped in praise of the ‘special relationship,’ democracy and the rule of law.  However,  Secretary Wallace wants Britain to unilaterally grant amnesty for all soldiers and police involved in killing civilians in N. I.  Nearly 1000 killings, mostly Catholics, were never investigated or given a cursory review.  The Ministry of Defense    has spent four decades destroying evidence, using national security vetoes and Personal Immunity Certificates to insure there will be no accountability. Second, the Conservatives have pledged allegiance to the Ministry promising to repeal the Human Rights Act of 1998, a key companion piece to the Good Friday Agreement.  Third, Secretary Wallace opposes any unity referendum promised by the GFA.  Why?     Against the recommendation of the Patton Report, the British inserted a secret Annex E to the (2006) St Andrew’s agreement to place MI-5 agents throughout the North.  Their job is to do what they did from 1968-1998; to promote just enough division, violence and lawlessness to   bring back British troops and their glory days of Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, the Dublin Monaghan slaughter, the assassinations of lawyers of Patrick Finucane and Rosemary Nelson, the murders of loyalist Ray McCord Jr., Catholic RUC Sgt Joe Campbell and the McGurk and Heights bars killings etc.  No N. I. Secretary would dream of calling for a unification vote under such circumstances.  A recent New York Times editorial quoted British EU negotiator David Frost as stating the “EU wants a leash on British sovereignty.” The leash holder is the Ministry of Defense and to let that leash go might expose British trashing of the GFA and its corruption of the agreement’s legacy obligations.   

The Conservative Minister Michael Gove penned his ‘mein-kampf’ like screed the Price of Peace against the GFA in 2001 and is now using the Ministry of Defense and BREXIT to punish the EU and Americans who had the gall to intervene.   The Republic of Ireland will, of course, be collateral damage and its political leadership, a Troika of Timidity, will say little and do nothing.  

At the moment America’s world leadership in human rights protection, preserving our environment and promoting peace is at an all time low.  But there is a growing bi-partisan coalition of Americans that recognize what the Good Friday pact did, and more importantly, did not accomplish.  Given Britain’s willingness to ignore treaty language, the United States should be very reluctant to accept any of their representations on trade or on the GFA.  Providing the truth and accepting responsibility for the corruption of law and justice in the North could continue a healing process that began in 1998 but has been stifled since by the 100-year romance between Britain’s Ministry of Defense and Northern Ireland.     

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