Dem Red-C poll blues

“The only poll that counts is the one on election day”.  That’s what political parties say when they don’t like the look of the latest opinion poll. So stand by for Micheál Martin to declare all opinion polls a distraction, subject to change and the work of the devil.

The latest Red-C political opinion poll shows Fine Gael happily leading the field with 35%.  Don’t expect Leo to come out and say that opinion polls are a vital link to the mood of the ‘country’, but likewise don’t expect him to talk down this poll which places his party a spanking 25% ahead of their partners in government, Fianna Fáil.

Sinn Féin are on 27%, which is bad news if you think of it as the party lagging all of 7% behind the Blueshirts, but is good news if you think of it as the party that is 17% ahead of Fianna Fáil  – that’s Fianna Fáil the Republican Party.

Micheál Martin has performed so abysmally as Taoiseach that his party TDs aren’t just mumbling about mutiny, they’re speaking it out clearly, sometimes into Micheál’s face. Can this be the same Micheál who led the way to smoke-free pubs – a definite boon as we all see now, a risky venture as it was seen at the time?

It happens. What was it Marilyn Monroe used to sing. “When you get what you want/You don’t want it”.

Maybe Micheál should ring President Trump for advice as to what you should do when your ‘country’ thinks you’re making a massive pig’s arse of leadership. After all, misery loves company.

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