You have been warned in good time. April Fool’s Day 2021 is advertised  by Amazon Books as the publication date of  “KILMICHAEL: THE LIFE AND AFTER LIFE OF AN AMBUSH”

 Just enter that title and the author’s name and she tells , if not all about herself, all she wants to let us know, and as much as I  would want to.

The ambush took place on Sunday 28 November 1920 .  Nephews of  sixteen-year old Pat Deasy, one of three of the ambushers  killed  there were in school with me, one in my own class during the 1940s and 1950s.

The  ambush went badly for  the  battle-hardened  British Army ex-officers posing as Police Auxuliary Cadets.  If you google “Macroom” you can see their funerals at Aldershot, where

each of the Aldershot  Army Commands participate, with not a sign of a  kosher cop, bona-fide bobby or Pukkha Peeler to be seen.

British Government  propaganda then and since  broadcast  lies about the ambush, but when the Government wanted to compensate their force’s families, they asked Tom Barry for help, thus revealing themselves clueless. Tom Barry, sensibly did not co-operate.

Eve Morrison gave her spiel to a pro-British History Group in County Cork whose proceedings are barred to anyone who might question their star guests. They are inclined to Duck like

Quacks when challenged, no matter how many Doctorates they boast.

Apparently, palpable lies, wacky theories, and the confusion they have sown are given not only equal, but greater, weight than verifiable facts  by alumni of prestigious universities.

Unlike the original Eve, who plucked the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, Eve Morrison has concocted a  Mess for the credulous and the ignorant and expects to make a lucrative

career of it.

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