Martin: Misjudging the Mood of Northern Nationalism by Joe McVeigh

Like many Taoisigh before him including Jack Lynch, Garret Fitzgerald and John Bruton, the present Taoiseach, Michéal Martin, is seriously misjudging the mood of northern nationalism by his weak response to the British Prime Minister Boris Johson’s rejection of the EU Treaty.

 The obvious response from Michéal Martin to Boris Johnson’s antics and bad faith is to demand a border poll on Irish unity as promised in the Good Friday Agreement. The results of the Brexit referendum in the north would indicate a majority in favour of remaining in the EU and therefore working in union with the rest of Ireland rather than remaining tied to an English government determined to go it alone. Northern nationalists are fearful of being isolated once again and forced to accept whatever the Colonial parliament decides. This contradicts the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. Michéal Martin’s response so far shows a man out of touch with the mood of northern nationalism. It is time for some realistic thinking in the government in Dublin with regard to the future of Ireland as a whole within the European Union.

The Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAB) will be making every effort to make the Taoiseach aware of the feeling of people from all walks of life and all political parties about the need for a more robust approach by this Dublin government  to its counterpart in London. Nancy Pelosi could show them a thing or two about how to respond to a Prime minister showing bad faith. I wish we had somebody with her mettle as Taoiseach.

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