President  Trump unashamedly presents the unmasked face of the wackiest, weirdest and wickedest clown in electoral history. But the choice between himself and Biden, indeed between Republicans and Democrats is today, as it has been for most of their party’s history, one between the Plague and the Pox.

Trump and  Vice President Mike Pence profess to be Pro-Life. If they are it is in the limited sense that they don’t agree with abortion on demand. But forces under their command have rained death on men women and children in various countries, and, with their approval, have murdered Americans in their own country.

Joe Biden and, apparently all vocal Democrats, are committed to the “Principle” that women can demand the destruction of their infants from conception to the moment before natural birth and that the rest of society are denied to choose not to meet that demand, nor to fund it. That’s “Liberal” Philosophy as “Liberals” themselves define it,

Barrack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on his election, and never returned it. As well as waging “conventional” war without a UN mandate he used choose from a list of targets to murder by heroes sat behind computers thousands of miles from his victims. Whoever wins the Presidential election it is unlikely that this murder campaign will be discontinued.

I understand many  Democrat Congressional candidates  this year have been professional soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen or CIA spooks dedicated to the continuation, rather than the elimination of strife on Earth.

It’s a pity. Most  Americans I’ve met, like most people from anywhere, I’ve liked. And I’m sure the deserve a lot better than the prospects offered by the candidates.

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