Perhaps most men born in Ireland and risen high in the professions or in the arts or literature were schooled by the  Christian Brothers. James Joyce  attended a school run by that body founded by Edmund Ignatius Rice, before attending ones founded by by St Ignatius of Loyola. St Ignatius, I imagine would have been proud of the Jesuit educated Kevin Barry and Cathal Brugha, and Thomas Francis Meaghar, for he himself had been a professional soldier. Within a generation of his death an English Jesuit was advising Hugh O’Neill in his violent resistance to English rule in Ireland. Ignatius was Beatified in 1609, when O’Neill was an honoured guest of the Pope, and still hoping for help from him and the Spanish to overthrow English rule in  Ireland.

Like many ex-Christian Brothers boys who have done well in the world, Dr Fitzpatrick knows bugger-all about boys educated in prep-and public schools in England in their own time. 

My BLOG –  “THE PROMOTION OF VIOLENCE  AND THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS” of 29 DECEMBER 2015″  was a response to another Christian Brothers’ Boy made good with an ignorant hang-up about them.”

I’ll come back to the case of the murdered Ellen Quinn in a future BLOG.

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