THE TIMES Monday 23 November 2020 reprinted their story which was fed them by the Black Propaganda in Dublin Castle one hundred years ago. The story was a lie from start to finish and was comprehensively refuted by Dail Eireann’s IRISH BULLETIN at the time.

The IRISH BULLETIN was the official newspaper of the elected irish Government during the 1919-1921 War of Independence. Its aim was to provide those outside Ireland with the elected Government’s case and the facts of the war  that it had to wage. This information could not be obtained outside Ireland because of the suppression by the British of all other outlets that put the Irish elected Government’s case.

In this so-called Decade of Commemoration one would imagine that Governments in Dublin and  Academics and Media in Dublin would, between them have arranged to have the Bulletin reprinted, and rigorously examined and compared with the statements of British Government Ministers and agencies and their supporters.

None of this has happened and  the charitable view must be that the Oireachtas, the History  Faculties of Irish Universities, and the best paid political commentators in, or from Ireland have never heard of the IRISH BULLETIN nor of Lawrence Ginnell, Frank Gallagher, Robert Brennan, Desmond Fitzgerald or Erskine Childers who at various times edited it.

A  prudent person, casting a colder eye on affairs, might think that refusal to mention THE IRISH BULLETIN, even to “pan” it is a deliberate attempt to suppress it.

For the lies circulated by the British Government and its cronies in 1919-1921 are continually recycled in Ireland..For example, stills from a fake newsreel shot by Pathe News purporting to show an IRA vs Crown Forces clash near  Tralee was filmed on Dublin’s Vico Road, nearly 200 miles away, and hooted by Dublin filmgoers, is still reproduced in THE IRISH TIMES and various books. Its inspiration was one of Dublin Castle’s ace propagandists, Hugh Pollard. (See BLOG – ” TURDS OF A FEATHER – TWO GUYS NAMED POLLARD”  (January 2019 ) Hugh Pollard’s other failed masterstroke was a forged copy of THE IRISH BULLETIN..

In addition to recycling old lies there has grown up an industry of inventing new ones. Under the patronage of the late Professor David Fitzpatrick of Trinity College Dublin, another Charlatan, the late Professor Peter Hart, “discovered” a  psychopathic campaign in Cork whic he IRA “disappeared” British soldiers which the British army never lost, and  “disappeared” Protestant which neither the  Protestant denominations and their Catholic neighbours never missed. These lies were comprehenively proven to be llies. ProfessorHart claimed to have interviewed the last IRA veteran of the Kilmichael Ambush  days after that man died, and a couple of years after the 97 year old man had been incapacitated by a stroke. Tom Barry, respected for his integrity and his brilliance as a soldier, was traduced when he was safely dead. But he has had able defenders.

That hasn’t stopped  Professor Eunan O’Halpin of Trinity College Dublin, from including in  – “THE DEAD OF THE IRISH REVOLUTION”  published by Yale University Press lies whichhad been exposed as such by the Aubane Historical Society. Apparently it is priced at 50 odd Euro. Professor O’Halpin’s wife, Dr.  Eve Morrison has a book coming oot on April Fool’s Day repeating her support for Peter Hart’s discredited  “research” and distinguishedconclusions. Dr Niall Meehan, the Head of the Journalism & Media Faculty at Griffith College Dublin took Peter Hart’s work and reputation apapart in a Field Day Production “Examining Peter Hart” in 2014.  Niall  Meeehan  and othersdiscussed the Kilmichael Ambush  with Dr Morrison in the pages of THE SOUTHERN STAin 2017, a debatecollected by the Aubane Histotical Society in a a pamphlet “West Cork’s War of Independence.” A Revisonist “” West Cork History Festival” open only to Revisionists, heard Dr Morrison speak supporting Peter Hart and his work, and heard her say she was not willing to debate it.

It is hard not to think that “Revisionists”, however garlanded with Doctorates, are essentially Charlatans who Duck like Quacks when challenged.

The Belfast Historical and Educational Society (in conjunction with the Aubane Historical Society0 has been publishing reprints of THE IRISH BULLETIN from microfilm found in various countries these past few years, Volume 3 which covers ist September 1920 to 1st January 1921 covers nearly 1,700. There is much to read and much to learn from its pages.The hunger strike of Lord Mayor MacSweeney, the arrests, raids, assaults on and murder of unarmed men, women and children, by the Crown Forces, the looting and burnings of houses, creameries, factories, the singling out of trade unionists, mayors and local government leaders, teachers of Irish by the forces of British law and order.

It is not pleasant reading, but essential for an intelligent appreciation of history, NOT ONLY IN IRELAND, but in all countries held against their will by British, French, Dutch and Belgian Imperialism.

Jack Lane and the team producing the reprints are, if you like,Amateur Historians, engaged in a labour of love. They are not paid for it and the volume cited sells at less than one third of Professor O’Halpin’s Ivy League Opus.There’s a saying  that an enthusiastic Amateur is a match for any Pro. I’d think them  far healthier.

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