Jam today, sticky wicket tomorrow?

It’s good to be ruled by people who can think logically, isn’t it? Boris Johnson probably learned to do that when he was attending Balliol College, Oxford. That is, when he wasn’t on one of his big nights out at the Bullingdon Club, where with David Cameron he periodically thrashed the restaurant.

“The virus doesn’t know it’s Christmas” Boris has told us, and all four “nations” (I’m just quoting what was said, Virginia) of the UK have agreed with him. They’ve also agreed to let people get together at Christmas. With their family. And with two other families. It’s bound to be a crowded house if the three come together at the same time.

So why has Johnson issued this decree about it being OK for three families to get together over the Christmas pud? Because it’s Christmas. We all recognise and rejoice in Christmas, and God knows we’ve earned a mild knees-up. Pass the brandy, there, Granny, would you?

But hold. We all know it’s Christmas. But the virus doesn’t. So if it’s important for us to distance and all the rest of it in October and November, come 25 December, how come it’s not important? Since the virus, we are told by the very people who urge social distancing etc, doesn’t know it’s Christmas.

Since this stance of social-distance-for-God’s-sake is obviously incompatible with three-jolly-families-together, what happened to Johnson’s logical brain?

Maybe he figured that, like his Chancellor of the Exchequer Richie Sunak handing out money to hard-pressed employers and workers, he’d be very popular when he was handing out the good news of three-families-blending. The thing is, maybe even starting with Richie’s economic statement today, there will come a day when the hand-outs will stop and cut-backs begin and Richie will stop being popular. Ditto Johnson, who doubtless will be toasted as a jolly good sport over crowded Christmas tables, but may be less popular when the virus runs mad in the post-Christmas period and some, maybe many will find that this Christmas may have been jolly, but it was also their last.

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