The “Belfast Health & Social Care Distrust”: Paedophilia & Cover Up by Donal Lavery

“I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.” – Tom Stoppard

“Better a good journalist than a poor assassin.” – Jean Paul-Sartre

“I associate the power generation industry with wilful incompetence, illegal removal of worker rights and cover ups.” – Steven Magee

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

I grew up in that last generation to experience life before the advent of social media addiction and kids being glued to technology. It was wonderful to wake up at Christmas and get a new bicycle or Lego or a Hurley stick. That magical feeling that Santa was on his way and how we would get on our new pyjamas after a beautiful Christmas Eve service at Church, singing hymns. I always feel closest to God during that Mass. We would pray before going to bed and everything was spotless, because “cleanliness was next to Godliness”, back then. Those were the days when you played outside, went fishing, learnt how to kiss, watched Disney over and over. And yes, I had a “Peter Pan Syndrome” in never wanting to grow old and leave all that behind. I still don’t want to grow old but we all have to ‘grow up’ and smell the proverbial coffee. There was a decency and trust in many others, when most right thinking folk cared about their neighbours and other people’s children. When there were bomb-scares, security alerts and rioting, I remember my grandmothers making me tea and toast then ensuring I was safe and content with a book or film – they were such sincere ladies, the likes of whom will never emerge again.

But this isn’t about me and that society no longer exists the way it did before. And not everyone was trustworthy or honourable – which we are now finding out and having to deal with. I am passionately committed to front-line workers, especially in the NHS, getting a very sizeable pay increase for their heroic efforts in battling this pandemic. If I was Minister of Finance, we would have powers devolved here to introduce a fair additional tax on the affluent and everyone generally, to pay for that increase – it would be a proper ‘golden handshake’ instead of a worthless “handclap” each week.

Though not everyone who works in our National Health Service has been so sincere and good natured as those frontline heroes who have prevented society collapsing during COVID-19. I want to draw your attention to a horrendous case of paedophilia by a perpetrator who is still alive and still out there, called Dr Morris Frazer. He was a Child Psychiatrist at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and used this position to photograph children and horrifically sexually abuse them. A member of what was termed the “Aristocracy of Ulster”, he was alleged to have referred children to the notorious Kincora Boy’s Home in Belfast – where an ‘Epstein’ type paedophile-ring existed among Establishment perverts.

There is nothing I can say to the victims of this man and others who take advantage of the innocence of childhood (but I have discussed it with the media – see the final interview of Reference 17 with Activist, Journalist, Documentary Film-Maker and all round Star, Sonia Poulton). Although I certainly can raise awareness of it with you, the public, who have a right to know what goes on in your name when our taxes salary these disgusting people. The interesting thing about Morris Frazer isn’t just that he was a child abuser but that he was a known child abuser and that the NHS and authorities covered it up for him. This is not speculation or a conspiracy theory – even mainstream media outlets accept that there was a grotesque concealment by the Belfast NHS Trust, particularly given this man’s pertinent “connections”.

A “cover up” has been alleged recently as well in the case of Dr Michael Watt, where some patients feel the Trust tried to hide the issue that led to the largest ever “patient recall” scandal in this jurisdiction. One key distinction (among others) between Dr Watt and Dr Frazer is that Dr Frazer was brought before a General Medical Council hearing for his offences and his criminal record was known, but they permitted him to continue to prey on children because he was accompanied by the UK Attorney General and former Secretary of State for NI, Sir Patrick Mayhew. Now that Mayhew is dead, the GMC have apologised for this massive error of judgement and criminal negligence. It’s peculiar how the apologies and answers only fully emerge after these figures take their secrets to the grave.

As for Morris Frazer, we as a society need to have a serious discussion about how we ‘manage’ to limit the potential for people like this to offend and re-offend, if we are to fulfil our obligations to one another and the young. At some future point, I and others will make a documentary on the crimes of this man and the “protected species” he associated with among elements of the UK state and “pillars of society”, so to speak. Even in this old documentary, “Suffer Little Children”, about the impact of the conflict on the youth he can be seen at the start talking and acting “concerned” for their welfare, while raping and torturing numerous kids (please see YouTube link below for the documentary) in his career and care.

As for those in the NHS and other bodies who knew about this man and did nothing, my view is that they too should be prosecuted. The same goes with those in the Churches. To all of you out there who think you are “weak”, remember that it was public opinion and the revulsion and despair of citizens which brought down Cardinal Brady over his involvement in the (Father) Brendan Smyth affair. I commend Chris Moore as the greatest Journalist we have for exposing both Kincora and the Brendan Smyth case – he is a hero and deserves some recognition for these tireless efforts (See video attached in Reference 2 of him speaking about these very issues), as does Sonia. They put their lives and careers at risk so that you have a right to know these things. Always remember that.

-If you are a victim or survivor of Kincora, Brendan Smyth or state and institutional abuse and wish to communicate with me about this, by all means feel free to get in contact with me via Jude’s website and I will endeavour, for free (as I write to inform the public rather than seek profit from vulnerable people and their misery – as a proper Journalist really should) to show the world that while the most foul and grisly dictatorships in the world tolerate these kind of crimes, the people on this island will resist any such injustices foisted upon them.

(I have received no payment or profit for writing this article, just to be absolutely clear and forthcoming).



















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