If you’re UK, come into the NEI parlour…

Here’s an odd thing.Travel from the UK has been banned by Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, France and of course the south of Ireland. But what state hasn’t banned travel from the UK? North(east)ern Ireland.

Which of course makes perfect sense, since NEI is part of the UK. Not much point in banning travel to the UK if you’re part of the UK.

But hold. NEI is in a slightly different situation from the rest of the UK: it’s separated from the rest of the UK by stuff called water. AKA the Irish Sea. So shouldn’t NEI avail of this natural liquid protector and ban people who might be infected with this new strain of the virus from entering? After all, that list of countries above have. And, significant, the south of Ireland.

But according to Arlene Foster, no. The fact is, England – and we’re really talking about England – already has banned movement from Level 4 areas, which is where this new strain is found, so there’s no need to ban flights to NEI – movement is already banned.

But but but. Why then are Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, France and the south of Ireland banning entry from the UK? Shouldn’t the British ban on movement from Level 4 areas be enough for them?

Well, clearly not. So tell us this: why would you say is Arlene and the DUP not banning flights from the UK? Which incidentally puts the south of Ireland at risk, with infected people flying to Belfast and then travelling on into the south of Ireland.

The answer is easy: Arlene and the DUP put being 100% British as being more important than people becoming sick and even dying.  You’d have to admire that adherence to traditional unionist values, except that it’ll inevitably mean sickness and death for people who would otherwise be well and alive.

It’s called self-harming, and some say they’ve passed the skill on to Boris Johnson.  Nice one, Arlene

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