2016 saw a seismic shift in our politics. The unlikeliest of victories paved the way for months and indeed years of social and political upheaval. Everyone had an opinion. Politics had never been more divided. Cities were divided. The Nation was divided.

It was about immigration. About taking back control. Building borders, draining swamps and sunny uplands. It was about getting rid of the old establishment and starting a fight for “freedom”. There was something quite Orwellian about it all.

For some, the freedom that is craved is about more slavery. The so-called revolution- about establishing dictatorships. Where taking back control actually leaves us less free to work, live and love. Where walls are erected instead of bridges.

Ironically, this “revolution” was led by those who had benefited so much from the very establishment they now wanted rid of. And when that moment came, everyone lined up for pictures. Smirking, not smiling. They had “gotten one over”. Arrogance tends not to have senses. It has only a sharp tongue and a pointed finger.

But seeds of cockiness tend to blossom best when soiled in ignorance and four years later we find ourselves in a very different place.  The party is well and truly over. The promises made- now forgotten. The Swamp that was to be drained now engulfing the swamp monsters themselves. It is time for the blame game.

It was fraud. Treachery. They Cheated. We were sold out. It’s a hoax. Blame the Alliance. Blame the Democrats. Blame the Irish. We must oppose it. We will never accept it.

As “some very fine people” stormed the Capitol buildings last week I was reminded of the past antics of DUP members and their then leader Ian Paisley Senior. They would whip their followers into a frenzy with their firebrand anti-Nationalist speeches but accept no responsibility of what actions followed.

In the end, 5 people died in Washington.

Here at home, our very own Mitch McConnells have slowly started to make a movement away from their previous “blood red stance”. The NI Protocol will apparently have some benefits and there may be further benefits to be had in the future. That is why we should vote to remove it in 4 years-time….

As those very fine people arrive in their droves in Washington in the days ahead and the shelves in our stores grow ever bare, I remind myself to stop “re-moaning”, think of the antics of crooked Hillary and head to the chippy. Lock them up springs to mind.

And if that all wasn’t Orwellian enough, I look at the DUP’s Brexit bonanza and the Trump tyrannical toxicity and I think of his best quote of all:

“The creatures on the outside looked from pig to man, from man to pig and pig to man again. But already it was impossible to say which was which”.

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