What a  “tim’rous” beastie is the IRISH TIMES when dealing with history!  And what a doughty warrior when considering powerless infants!  Ireland’s British-controlled “Paper of Record” might with justice be described as THE IRISH TIMES and MORNING HEROD. (That’s Herod the Infant -Killer. Not  to be confused with any Heroic figure)

In the House of Commons in London  on March 6 1919 The Chief Secretary for Ireland stated –

“It was decided by the Government that the Royal Irish Constabulary could not be permitted to join the National Union of Police and Prison Officers, in as much as the Royal Irish Constabulary is a semi-military force directly under the control of the Crown, and subject in many respects to the same conditions of employment as the army and navy forces.” 

When Jack Lane of the Aubane History Society wrote to THE IRISH TIMES, answering one of its fatuous features, quoting the Chief Secretary’s statement, the tim’rous “paper of record” refused to publish it.

When THE TIMES of London under Editor Charles Douglas Home (who was ill at the time) wrote an Editorial (following the 1985 mortar attack on the RUC Barracks in Newry) describing the RUC as civilians, I wrote pointing out that the RUC were equipped with firearms and practised in their discharge.

I quoted The Chief Secretary’s 1919 statement, and asked how the RUC was different to the RIC.

To give the late Charles Douglas Home his due, he published the passage which the IRISH TIMES hasn’t the integrity to print.

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