Death of Hugh Lunney (O’Lunney) by Fr Sean McManus

God rest the noble Irish soul of Hugh Lunney.

Hugh was from Swad (Swanlinbar)—the part of the parish of Kinawley, Fermanagh, that is in County Cavan. So, Hugh and I had this in common: not only was our country divided by England’s undemocratic Border, so too was our historic parish, which has had an ecclesial presence since the Sixth Century.

The last time I saw Hugh was when he attended my Fiftieth Ordination Mass in Kinawley church in 2018 with his sister, Mrs. Curran who lives in Kinawley.

The Lunneys (as they are known at home) and my family were always very close, especially my late mother and Hugh’s late mother. Every time I was home in Kinawley, visiting Mrs. Lunney in Swad was an annual ritual.

The Lunneys in America and at home are in my thoughts and prayers. God comfort all of them.

I held the two book launches of my Memoirs: “My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland” (Irish edition 2011; first U.S. edition 2014) in O’Lunney’s , Hugh’s famous pub in Times Square, courtesy of Hugh. That famous pub is now sadly permanently closed, another victim of Covid-19.

May Hugh rest forever in God’s eternal peace.I

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