Drew and the buck eejits

I have no idea who the buck eejits were that congregated in Dublin yesterday to express their outrage over people being vaccinated and the idea that people might be asked to maintain social distancing and mask wearing. Maybe these buck eejits have access to information I have not, indicating that Micheál and Leo are drugging us with the vaccines so they can have their evil way with us. But I doubt it. Until further evidence comes forward, I’ll go on regarding them as buck eejits. And feeling sorry for the gardaí who had to cope with them.

With one exception: Garda Commissioner Drew Harris. He told us that this was the vile work of members of the far right and the far left, deliberately breaking Covid rules and creating mayhem. Except that today he’s had to pull back from that and admit that when he talked about the far left being involved, he was talking through his…let’s say ‘hat’.

Commissioner Harris was sold to the people of the south as a no-nonsense top cop who would sort out the sloppiness in the ranks of the gardaí. A northern Prod, plain-speaking, hard-working, and a fine example of north-south co-operation.

Yesterday on TV, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his Commissioner’s hat/cap. It somehow looked too big for him. He looked like a man who’s wandered in out of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. And when he spoke, he seemed a little bewildered rather that reassuring. In a job too big for him, you might say.

We’re told that the gardaí knew through social media checks that this big demo was coming up. In which case, why weren’t they prepared to deal with it, nip it in the proverbial bud? What we saw yesterday on TV was cops being shouted at and a Commissioner who sounded somewhere between sad and scared.

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