Sammy and the Lyon by Michael Lagan


Gordon Lyons was on the radio today claiming he had a responsibility as Agriculture Minister, albeit a stand-in for Edwin Pools,  to “do what is best for the people of Northern Ireland”.  He claimed the reason he halted the building of all permanent Irish Sea border post structures and halted all recruitment was because he and others were uncertain as to what was coming down the tracks at them when the ‘grace period’ for the NI Protocol ends on April 1st and that as Minister he had a responsibility make sure money was well spent for the border posts.

Later today on Talkback, Sammy Wilson was being grilled about his statement that the DUP were going to use “Guerrilla warfare” to make sure the NI Protocol was undermined and ultimately, scrapped, a statement which, had it come from quite literally any other party, not just Sinn Féin would have caused absolute outrage within Unionism and Loyalist….yet Sammy gets away with it again.

Sammy then went on to quite literally demolish the claim made earlier by Gordon Lyons that he had halted the building of the border post structures and recruitment of personnel because of his concern over what was coming down the tracks on April 1st, by saying he thought Mr. Lyons move to halt the building and recruitment was a great way to undermine the NI Protocol and that it was the first of many ways he DUP was going to attempt to scupper the NI Protocol. 

So which is it? Due diligence by Gordon Lyons or a political manoeuvre by the DUP to undermine the NI Protocol? Which by the way hasn’t been undermined in the slightest, as the temporary customs posts are still in place and working and additional to that no actual work has even started on the permanent structures.

The DUP are squirming and haemorrhaging support and in turn votes.  Their plans to undermine the NI Protocol aren’t working because they have nothing to work with.  Loyalists are furious, ironically, that they have been led once again into a dead end by the DUP who once again have been seen to squander the power they had as ‘King Makers’ to make things better for Loyalism and its communities.

As for Sammy Wilson, even Loyalist and Unionist voters are tired of his crass, vulgar “colourful” language, and many have quietly asked him to leave the stage.

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