May 31, 2021   NYC & Philadelphia  

The American Brexit Committee has  again expressed its  concerns for  Brexit’s  impact on Ireland with the U. S. Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. After a recent meeting with  British Ministers,  loyalist  gang leaders issued  threats of violence over the N. I. Protocol  intending to intimidate  the EU and the United States.   N. I. loyalist thugs  are often used by the British to kill Catholics and to  destabilize political and social institutions.     The Johnson government recently has also announced plans to make use of a totally inappropriate legal mechanism (force majeure) to escape compliance with the Protocol’s obligations and no doubt to undermine the Good Friday Agreement.   

“British bully tactics in N. I. continue unabated and no wonder” stated  attorney Jim Cotter of Boston.  “The British now after 50 years have to stop lying and smearing the families of  12 innocent civilians murdered in Ballymurphy in 1971.  Add  40 years of deceit over the Bloody Sunday killings and 45 years of  obstructing   Ireland’s demand for British Army records  in the no warning Dublin-Monaghan bombings, and the collusion assassinations of attorneys Rosemary Nelson and Patrick Finucane  and one must ask what more is needed to officially designate Britain as a State sponsor of terrorism?”   Michael Hand of Rhode Island   added:  “The British spent three decades  corrupting law and  justice to crush the civil rights movement and since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 has been  sealing records of their treachery (for  70 years in some cases),   obstructing inquiries and destroying evidence while making a mockery of Article II of the European Human Rights Convention.”  

Attorney  Richard Lawler (CT) questioned whether  such a track record of lying, cover-up and disrespect for human rights and the rule of law should prevent the United State from acting upon any of Britain’s  Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), extradition and deportation requests. “Their failures to comply with the GFA and the NI Protocol are proof positive they are simply not worthy of the trust of the American people.”  

 Ambassador Tai has made it clear to Britain that American trade priorities currently are focused on China, the EU and the WTO. “If and when trade talks with Britain  continue , we urge  Ambassador Tai to  work closely  with Members of Congress,” remarked Larry Prelle (NJ), and  consider the appropriate use of   the Congress Trade Priorities and Accountability Act and the Countering America’s Adversaries with Sanctions Act  to  prevent human rights abuses in Ireland  and to penalize breaches and delays implementing the  GFA obligations and the NI Protocol.   For example,  if, as promised,   Britain unilaterally grants amnesty to British soldiers  involved in killing civilians and Irish citizens in NI,  meaningful penalties, contingencies and  postponements of any  UK trade deal should be instituted.” 

Sean Culkin of Maryland concluded: “In his dismissal of pleas for the  unity referendum as provided in the GFA, Prime Minister Johnson typifies  British arrogance and antipathy towards  Irish democracy with his public assurances that ‘there will be no unity referendum  for a very, very long time.’  America must make it clear to Boris  & Co. that the same will  be true for  any  US-UK trade deal.  ”  

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