Leo  Varadkar appears to believe that the British Government accepted the result of the 1918 General Election in Ireland.  He contributed his opinion, for what it’s worth to an IRISH TIMES SUPPLEMENT YESTERDAY 27.05.2021.

Seventy three of the One Hundred and Five  Parliamentary seats allocated to Ireland went to Sinn Fein  whose Election Manifesto offered voters a Sovereign, Independent Democratic Republic, with its Parliament, Dail Eireann, In Dublin.

The Irish Parliamentary Party, which for forty fruitless years had begged for Home Rule went into the election with 73 seats  came out of it with  6, some of them the result of a pact with Sinn Fein to keep Unionists out. The Unionists returmed with 26 Seats, the same number they had held before the election.

To this day the British never recognised the result of the 1818, 1921 or subsequent elections. Many of the Sinn Feiners elected in 1918 were, at the time and consequently, in British prisons without charge or trial. And  some elected Sinn Fein(Parliamentary) representatives were not released until July 1921. The British unleashed a reign of terror on the virtually unarmed Irish people until July 11 1921.

British forces held Cobh, Cork Harbour, Berehaven and Lough Swilly until 1938. Winston Churchill fulminated at Westminster at the ceding to the Irish of those ports and never recognised the right of the 26 Counties (never mind the 32) to have a Government not subservient to Britain. Britain waged  savage war on Nationalists in the Six Counties for nearly 30 years between 1969 and 1998 and  her murderous lying savages have been given immunity.

Enda Kenny is so ignorant of history as to believe that Lenin (who had enough on his plate leading a Revolution in Russia) took a sabbatical to slip into Ireland to seek the advice of Michael Collins on financial matters. At a time when the Brits’ idea of a wet dream was to murder both!

Then there’s John Bruton, who worships the memory of John Redmond. In 1910 Redmond presided over the “Baton Convention.” Redmond’s policies were challenged by William O’Brien of Cork and a group based there. Redmond had stewards at the Convention equipped with batons, under instruction to knock on the head anybody who spoke with a Cork accent. Some of Redmond’s supporters,returned to Parliament, were unseated for corrupt conduct at elections. 

In addition to that, between 21 July and 24 July 1914 nearly a fortnight before the declaration of war on Germany, John Redmond and John Dillon, together with Edmund Carson,and Liberal and Tory leaders met with King George V in  Buckingham Palace. The greatest collection of warships in history was already gathered at Spithead in the Solent to unleash  a war on Germany which had been meticulously prepared over the   previous ten years.

On July 16 the Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, got a telegram from the British Ambassador in Vienna telling him that Austria was sending an ultimatum to Serbia, one of whose agents had murdered the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia.

On the 20th July, Sir Edward Grey told the German Ambassador that he had not heard anything recently from Vienna on the Serbian situation.

Sir Edward Grey was lying through his teeth. He was not sleepwalking into war, as British hacks still claim. Britain France and Russia were acting according to long prepared plans.

And John Redmond and John Dillon were accomplices in what Roger Casement described as THE CRIME AGAINST EUROPE. 

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