It would be nice to think that when Hitler shot himself, state criminality became a thing of the past. But plucky little Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Britain, and the United States have been up to their armpits in innocent blood in the 76 years since.

Ireland has been complicit . Shannon Airport has been a stopover for kidnapped prisoners being

transferred from one set of torturers  to another and for American forces and weapons on their

way to launch wars unauthorised by the United Nations Security Council.

I can recall the shooting down of an Egyptian Vickers Viscount passenger plane which strayed

into Israeli airspace. The United States and Britain regularly use drones controlled by safely

cocooned controllers to kill persons, including children, thousands of miles away. 

Powerful states and their agents get away with murder. And moral weaklings in less powerful

states are their accomplices.

Belarus is not a powerful state.  But it has acted as the British Navy acted when it stopped,

searched and ransacked neutral American ships during its war with France, witnessed by the

passenger Wolfe Tone, and again in 1914 and 1915 commented on by Roger Casement  more than

a century later.

You may well think such behaviour criminal. It looks like a blunder to me,

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