FROST OF THE F.O. – by Donal Kennedy

It’s only a few weeks ago since I first heard of  David Frost, not the one whom Richard Nixon questioned over his fornicating when Nixon himself 

was  expected to answer Frost’s questions, but another Effen’  Frost entirely.

This  Effer was  attacking the N.I.Protocol  to which the United Kingdom is solemnly committed, and seemed to threaten unleashing the balaclava

wearing, Lambeg-beating, salivating Dogs of War on Fenians the length and breadth of Ireland if  the UK was not allowed welsh on the deal.

I thought this Frost was some sort of Norman Tebbit, famously described as aping the manners of a semi-house -rained Polecat, from a social

Milieu well below the salt.

You could have knocked me down with a feather  when I discovered that David John Hamilton Frost does not drag his knuckles along the ground

and has all his marbles, but will have all ours if he gets the chance. Baron Frost is a hardened veteran ambassador and an unelected member of

the British Cabinet.

He appears to be cut from the same cloth as the late Sir Andrew Gilchrist who engineered the genocidal coup in Indonesia in 1965 and the creation

of the British orientated Irish Times Trust in 1970, the British Minister in Oslo who tried to have Casement assassinated in 1915 and the Minister

who tried to have the King of Bulgaria killed about the same time. 

Those of us familiar  with the decency and honesty of most English or British people should not be fooled into believing that ethics have ever been

overriding or guiding concerns with English or British Statecraft.

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