Smoke and mirrors – by Mik Ferran (and a link to a Prince Philip article)

The thought came to me that Boris J might make the Six Counties his Falklands in a Glorious Defence of the Union, not that again ? (sigh).

Carl Gustav Jung promoted an idea of collective consciousness that was intrinsic to mankind, the same fundamental truths on which all mankind could rely for spiritual comfort, for reassurance. As a student I enjoyed reading of Jung’s groping for The Truth, but feel nothing could ever have come of it, still, an interesting exercise.
Clearly this relates to Man-needs-religion, instilled in CGJ from childhood.

Now the English have long held the idea of The King and The Queen to personify the idea that there is someone rich and powerful who is on your side and constitutes what you should admire, for it is the epitome of your country – of yourself indeed.This too, is not far from conflating King with God, already the King is the head of their version of Christianity. You must obey the King, and God.

Then England cut The King’s head off (“The King”, of course, had cut the heads off several Queens). Soon the English came to accept that they were at a loss. So they went round the EU to find some unemployed German Royals and appointed them to the roles of King and Queen. It was easy to find blood relations of the murdered
(vexatiously executed) former incumbents who could be found to have hereditary rights to the job (remember when we were students, MacMillan’s government, not quite so consanguineous, had 33 ministers related to Harold by marriage, Bob’s your uncle)

The King is now a civil service job with remuneration worthy of a King and Queen, but a civil service job all the same. As a government employee he would be required to change his name, Battenberg, to Mountbatten, say, or “Saxe-Cobourg and Gotha” (quelle horreur !!) to
Windsor. Of course he would be obliged to give his Royal Assent in all cases where it was required – that was his job!  – and to have a military manner, essential for an Empire. (The memory lingers on, it’s reassuring.)

The unstructured froth which the English generate to sustain this “golden thread that runs through the nation” (?nation?) is wondrous to behold.

Philip the Duke was an overbearing shite (martinet) and his mammy could not be dissuaded,  even by Sigmund Freud, from her view that she, personally, had copulated with Jesus Christ, in the flesh. (Clearly this idea is ridiculous, such a task would have been allotted to
the Angel Gabriel, if precedence were to be been respected.)

I understand a big, big blow to the House of Cards in the (inconveniently) not very distant past came when Wally Simpson got Edward VIII into such a full Nelson that he did not wish to leave. Eddy declared he would rather be locked into his multiply-married American than be a silly puppet called the King of England and they could stuff their crown of thorns wherever.  Since Facebook, Cambridge Analytica etc did not exist in the 1930s, to rescue the State Psyche, some smart folks set up a Mass Observation mechanism (MO)  wherein the people could express their hopes, opinions and worries – the few I’ve read were interesting – to allow the intelligentsia to appear to lead the people where they hoped to go. The deep shame of the Empire, Eddy Carson’s dream, had not yet been hidden away in closets, like its wealth.

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