The IRISH TIMES is allegedly controlled by a secretive oath-bound Trust set up by Lord Arnold Goodman. Goodman died in 1995 and Lord Portman alleged that in the 30 years in which he managed Portman’s money he had stolen £10,000,000 from him. Goldman was showered with more honours and more power than any megalomaniac could  covet.  A

glance  at  Wikipedia should convince you of

that truth.

An even more frightening monster than Goodman arranged for the takeover of the IRISH TIMES in the British interest – Sir Andrew Gilchrist, when

he was British Ambassador to Ireland.

Gilchrist  had murderous, genocidal form since his Ambassadorship to Indonesia in 1965. John Pilger in his magisterial bestseller “THE NEW RULERS OF THE WORLD”  (2002) has never been challenged on his revelations.

Today, Saturday 19th July, the IRISH TIMES publishes a piece by a Queen’s University Academic, Liam Kennedy, who claims to be an ethical man.

Do I wrong him if I believe that he was paid for his opinion piece?  Forgive me if I’m reminded of a quotation from Emerson (not the one employed

by the IRISH TIMES, but a 19th Century American) – 


Liam Kennedy’s vote when he contested an election with Gerry Adams was very quickly counted. It came to 147. Adams won with 24,348 votes.

The IRISH TIMES has a regular feature headed RHYME AND REASON. I presume it pays its contributors, one of whom a Jesuit named Seamus

Murphy appears to be inspired by either Titus Oates or Richard Piggott or both.

But Murphy appears to lack the shame of the forger Piggott, who when exposed, could not live with the shame, and shot himself. 

The shameless Murphy, in a cowardly, corner-boy, gutter-snipe piece, maligned Patrick Pearse, comparing him unfavourably with Daniel O’Connell

The Shameless Man of the Cloth would have us believe that Daniel O’Connell ” never shot anybody.” 

 Irish Barristers of O’Connell’s era were habitual  duellists  who would cock a pistol at the drop of an insult. O’Connell famously shot John d’Esterre 

dead in Kildare in 1815. Irish schoolboys and girls of my era were well aware of this.

Later in 1815 O’Connell  was arrested on his way to Ostend to answer a challenge by Robert Peel, who was a crack shot. 

The Irish Times coverage of many issues is, let me be tactful here, a bit short on shining truth. Could it be that it is acting roles allotted to it  by its alleged “TRUST”?

Other Irish media and academics play the treasonable  parts demanded of them by the blueprint for perpetual war  “Low Intensity Operations.”

published by the then Brigadier Frank Kitson in 1971.

I suggested once that the Irish Times feature RHYME AND REASON” would be more suitably headed “TRIPE AND TREASON”

I think that most paid-for opinions written and broadcast by Irish commentators in Ireland and beyond deserve the description TRIPE AND


And realising my own opinions are not worth tuppence, I am happy to sleep with a good conscience.

Nobody can describe me as “MOPE” – Most Over Paid Eejit

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