Letter: from American Brexit Committee to Nancy Pelosi




John M. Corcoran Esq, Chairman

Michael J. Cummings, Secretary

July 15, 2021

Dear Speaker Pelosi: 

We write again to share our concerns for the Irish peace process.  The British government is doing everything it can to destabilize the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol to the EU-UK Withdrawal Treaty and to obstruct progress under the Good Friday Agreement.  During the G-7 Conference British Prime Minister Johnson regularly recited a mantra of “… support for  the Good Friday Agreement.”  The fact is  nothing could be further from the truth. 

Our concerns are not a simple matter of semantics, exaggeration, or differing interpretations of circumstances, data or facts.  For example, after two years of obstruction tactics, Britain finally agreed to a meeting of NI and the Republic Ministers (Strand 2, GFA).    Boris Johnson has emphatically stated that a unity referendum poll to be conducted per the GFA  “…would not be held for a very, very long time.” British Conservatives continue to use loyalist gangs and members of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to delay progress.  This collaboration has again been used to threaten violence and to disrupt the implementation of the NI Protocol. 

Madame Speaker, the United States was indeed the prime mover to end the armed conflict in Ireland.   Your voice and that of Representative Neal in London have emphasized a sincerity in that U. S.  role that is totally lacking in Prime Minister Johnson or Lord Frost. Consequently, dangerous conflicts remain:   between truth and lies; between justice and injustice; between the rule of law and lawlessness, and between the autocracy of colonial appointee Brandon


Lewis dictating and silencing democratically elected officials.    British policy toward Ireland and the Irish  peace process remains  managed by  the Ministry of Defense and consists of equal parts:  delay, deceit and destabilization.

We believe the exercise of the oversight responsibilities of the House of Representatives which has begun with Foreign Affairs Chairman Gregory Meeks and Sub-Committee Chair William Keating should continue once the Fall session resumes.  We offer these suggestions of subject matter for further examination of Britain’s failed governance in Northern Ireland and its deception of the United States.   

  • Britain’s extra-legal assassinations of six Sinn Fein elected officials during vote canvassing and the murder of 11 campaign workers
  • Britain used double agent Brian Nelson to supply loyalist terrorists smuggled arms

some of which have been linked to 229 killings of Catholic civilians.

  • The murders of lawyers Patrick Finucane and Rosemary Nelson were the result of coordination between the British Army, MI-5 and security agencies collusion with loyalist bigots.
  • Britain passed a law which unilaterally granted amnesty to British double agents

involved in killing as many as 200 Irish citizens (SPYCOPS LAW) and is in the process of unilaterally granting a full pardon to dozens more Army and security personnel involved in killing Irish citizens in NI thus contradicting both the letter and spirit of the GFA.

  • The Ministry of Defense of Her Majesty’s government   has obstructed ALL freedom of information requests involving killings by police, Army and security personnel by claiming all such files are closed for ‘National Security’ purposes.
  • Prime Minister Johnson has vowed to repeal the Human Rights Act of 1998, a pillar of the GFA pact, and his Ministry of Defense continues to obstruct families of victim’s efforts to pursue Article II violations of the European Convention of Human Rights for the right to life and the duty to effectively investigate and prosecute crimes. 
  •  Britain continues to ignore the Irish Republic’s requests for disclosure of relevant records regarding Army and police personnel involvement in the no-warning bombing of Dublin & Monaghan shopping centers, and refuses to release the unpublished reports of Stalker and Lord Stevens which requested police prosecutions that were ignored.    
  • The British Attorney General used a US-UK Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) request of the U. S. Attorney General (and the Secretary of State) to provide   Boston College records in an attempt to smear Gerry Adams then standing for election to the Irish Dail.   This despite knowing the records were inadmissible as a matter of law.      


  • The pattern and practice of lawlessness of British police and Army for decades even in the last 20 years compels consideration of the use of sanctions provided by Executive

Order 13818 (Global Magnitsky Act) for gross violations of internationally recognized human rights (22USCSec. 2304 (d) (l) to punish and prevent their recurrence. 

We believe the oversight role of Congress could serve the American people well in exploring areas long neglected by the Department of State and which might explain the Department’s    reticence to seek accountability for cherished American values of truth, justice and the rule of law in Ireland and in the Irish peace process.

Since the release in 2000 of the Price of Peace, a Conservative manifesto to scuttle the GFA authored by current Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, the British Ministry of Defense has been preoccupied covering up a legacy of corrupting law and justice in Northern Ireland with little or no expression of concern from the U. S. Department of State.  In the post-WW II era and up to the Presidency of Jimmy Carter, America’s policies towards Ireland and the conflict were shaped by a sort of blind trust of British officials which was clearly not justified.   The exit of Britain from the European Union requires America, and particularly Congress, to review Britain’s betrayal of the Good Friday Agreement and, with President Biden, craft a new ‘special’ relationship with Ireland and the European Union. 

We welcome your consideration of these issues and would be anxious to answer any questions or suggestions you may have.


John M. Corcoran Esq.                                                          Michael J. Cummings

      President                                                                                    Secretary

Cc:  American Brexit Committee

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