Keir Starmer visited the statelet to proclaim his support for the United Kingdom.

A statelet whose voters have never voted for candidates who served in the United Kingdom Government.

A statelet where neither Conservatives nor the noble baron’s party runs candidate.

There has been confusion beyond Unionist supporters. It has been suggested that the 26 County and the 6 County regimes were mirror images.

“Northern Ireland” never participated in a Commonwealth Conference, the League of Nations, the Council

 of Europe, or the United Nations, and the only political contribution it gave to any state was a Special Powers

Act, which served as a template for a law enacted in Apartheid South Africa,

Irish Governments from the 1920s on worked constructively with international bodies. When India became a Republic its leaders visited Ireland acknowledging the inspiration they had drawn from Ireland’s struggle for freedom. Ho Chi Minh and many more freedom fighters in Asia and Africa were inspired by the Irish


So what message has Sir Keir Starmer got for us?  Is it that like Benito Mussolini and Ceausescu he is a Knight of the Bath and wishes to end up like them in the dustbin of history?

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