The vaccine and genocide – by C J

Let me be absolutely clear, i am not ‘anti vax’ nor a ‘refusenik’ both dangerous and derogatory terms in which the media and career politicians have used to describe those who ask questions, in my opinion asking questions is sensible in this day and age I am sure you would agree. When i first heard the term ‘refuseniks’ being used recently it immediately made me think back to the bolsheviks. 

A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid cases / ”infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test.

In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

The “experimental” vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

The “vaccine” fails to meet the following five requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:

Provides immunity to the virus
This is a “leaky” gene therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims to reduce symptoms yet double-vaccinated are now 60% of the patients requiring ER or ICU with covid infections.

Protects recipients from getting the virus
This gene-therapy does not provide immunity and double-vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus.

Reduces deaths from the virus infection
This gene-therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-Vaccinated infected with Covid have also died.

Reduces circulation of the virus
This gene-therapy still permits the spread of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

Reduces transmission of the virus
This gene-therapy still permits the transmission of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

Dr. David Martin is considered one of the most intelligent men on the planet. He has so many credentials, across so many different areas of expertise, that some people say it would take pages to tabulate. One of his areas of expertise is patents and patent law. In a recent interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Dr. David Martin explains something very unique.

Through the use of computer archive/data base search programs, which Dr. Martin pioneered, he found dozens of different patents proving that a) the corona virus being talked about as “novel” by media and government is not novel b) that this media/government attack on the world population was premeditated and planned for decades in advance – registered patents prove this c) what’s being advertised as a vaccine, isn’t a vaccine….simply because the US patent office officially denied Dr. Anthony Fauci a patent for this technology because this type of injectable technology didn’t qualify under any standard definition for a vaccine d) that the injection/pharma makers and corrupt forces inside the US government are openly colluding to euthanize the American public e) that the same genocide situation/operation is now occurring world wide through media/government collusion and…………f) PATENTS FOR THE mRNA SPIKE PROTEIN DELIVERY SYSTEM PROVE THAT IT IS A BIO WEAPON DESIGNED TO KILL LIVING ORGANISMS. THE mRNA TECHNOLOGY HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO PROVIDE ANY IMMUNITY UP-REGULATION AND HAS ONLY BEEN PROVEN TO PROGRAM OUR OWN CELLS TO DESTROY US FROM THE INSIDE OUT. THE SPIKE PROTEIN IS A PATENTED TECHNOLOGY THAT’S DESIGNED TO KILL AND END LIFE.

Our organisation has weapons systems experts that have knowledge of bio chemical weapons and electromagnetic weapon systems. Our organisation also has a growing number of concerned citizens who are shocked over the current media hysteria surrounding scientifically non isolated viruses and the evidence of deception used to terrorize the countries uninformed population using falsified data.

The attempt by governments to make individuals participate in a medical experimental vaccine that has already killed well over a five thousand residents just in the united kingdom and have caused over 900,000 injuries from the governments own under reported yellow card system, is and would be a crime under domestic and international laws. The covid 19 vaccines have already been ceased in a number of countries due to detrimental health effects including death. Law enforcement and authorities are starting investigations that are ongoing in a number of geo locations to assess the outcome of post mortems of fit and healthy people who have inexplicably died after receiving the covid 19 vaccine of various brands. Papers have already been filed in the international courts against a number of governments citing genocide and human rights crimes. The covid 19 experimental technology has nano metal contaminations which interact with electromagnetic fields from various uninsurable networks which cause further biological damage as shown in the science. Those living in SMART cities or drive electric vehicles would be placed at significantly higher risk due to the radiation fields interacting with the nano contamination due to man made pulse modulated frequencies. Quadrature frequencies have already been showing in the latest literature to cause cancers and the introduction of nano metal contaminants will increase that danger.

Nano particles have already been shown in the published peer reviewed science to cause sterility in men and woman and are biologically toxic. There is no current published science that would suggest that nano particles especially those in vaccines are safe. The UK goverments own data confirms that those who have had the first shot will be 30% higher risk of hospitalization and death and 70% of the double shot the same which confirms that the well documented third wave will hospitalize and kill 100% vaccinated. The fact the covid 19 virus has not been isolated to the rigorous of science would suggest that the third wave is of electromagnetic origin. To mandate the covid 19 passport on an ignorant civilian population who have been mis led by the media and government ministers about their safety and efficacy would be a crime. 

One side effect of the COVID vaccines are blood clots that are fatal. That’s the “spike protein” doing its job in the blood and in the arteries. It’s a genocide fake vaccine that has a nice time delay on it, which will become even more fatal and active come the winter months creating ‘cytokine storms’ on peoples immune systems when it comes into contact with coronavirus ‘common cold’

The deployment of this demonstrable biological chemical weapon is in breach if the 1974 biological weapons act and further domestic and international laws to enable the well-planned mass genocide agenda that includes your family, friends and colleagues.

We have the Prima Facie evidence of these crimes against the people within the planned terroristic agenda machine, which includes strategies which until now you may not have been aware of. These political strategies are in breach of the 2000 Terrorism act and part 1 of the 2006 Terrorism act.

1. Part 1 a – Encouragement of terrorism

2. Dissemination of terrorist publications

3. Preparation of terrorist acts

4. Section 9 making and possessions of devices or materials.

5. Section 11 terrorist threats, relating to devices, materials or facilities.

See page 10, paragraph 32 in the below link. Government confirms in their own data they expect to see a significant number of vaccinated admitted to hospital. We are seeing this now due to the ambulance service being under immense pressure as the telegraph recently reported. These experimental gene therapies are in clinical trials until 2023.

Moderna representative admits that everyone is part of a vaccine trial right now and that no data has been accumulated as of yet, to determine if the injection is safe and effective or not.

The vaccinated are going to be lit up once freedom day comes on the 19th, the 5g networks will be cranked up just like we seen in china (Nov. 2019) when they first tested these weapons.

There are only three countries on this planet whose government officials refused to accept the COVID-19 vaccine from the World Health Organization: Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti.

The officials in those countries who declined the “vaccine” were Presidents in each of those countries.

In Burundi it was President Pierre Nkurunziza

In Tanzania, it was President John Magufuli

In Haiti, it was President Jovenel Moïse

All three of those Presidents are now DEAD.


No matter what happens, they’re moving ahead with the genocide. Anyone not understanding is walking into a well laid trap.

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