August, 2021

Leo and Simon and the Yellow-brick Road

The best bit in The Wizard of Oz  was when the curtain was pulled back and we found that the mighty-sounding mover and shaker wizard was really just an ordinary mortal full of sound and fury, signifying very little. The curtain has been pulled back good and proper in Dublin recently. Catherine Zappone, former Minister […]

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TV review: HEIST

This blog first appeared in The Andersonstown News It’s summer, which means it’s time for the BBC  and other channels to save money and roll out repeats. This can have its upside, as it gives viewers a chance to look again at programmes they had enjoyed or to view those they’d originally missed. How this […]

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The Olympics: joy and helpless tears

Well, enjoyed the Olympics, then? For me it had its moments, but overall these were the most disappointing Olympics I’ve ever watched. And I’ve watched a few. Why? Maybe start with the coverage. RTÉ carried the Games on RTÉ 2, except for those of us living in the north-east of Ireland, in which case we […]

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