To rant is a civic duty! – by A S Friend

This blog is by a school friend who sincerely wishes his native land well and has lived in Switzerland for the most of his life 

This morning BBC Radio 6 Cos reports that Sir Donaldson called
on the Taoiseach to make statements on the Brexit protocol for
Norn Irn, to stoke up Sir Donaldson’s polemic. I hope Micheál
has enough sense to ignore it.

Norn Irn betrayed, tore itself from, Ireland a hundred years
ago by terrorism, a rabble army of religious extremists, the
Eastofban. And now he wants to interfere in the RoI !

Brexit is not a matter for the RoI, it is in the domain of the EU.
Sir Donaldson has no authority to meddle in this matter, his cowboy
outfit choose to kowtow and submit to the rigour of being a vassal
state of the the Brutish Empire. He must respect his masters’ will !

Clearly Sir Donaldson just wants to gild his orange lily for internal
consumption in the parishes of the Lagan valley.

Furthermore, the ploy of the  Cultural Heritage that he seeks to
invoke “dividere ut regnas”, like the rest of that Cultural Heritage,
– dangerous, polluting bonfires, conquest, ethnic cleansing, people-
trafficking, slave-trading, drug-dealing, murder, theft etc –  is
nowadays recognized as utterly despicable, cruel and illegal
worldwide. The Brutish Empire ranks with the Nazis as a disgrace to
Europe – the Christian continent.

It is interesting that the boot is on the other foot in Afghanistan
and the Afghan Army of Retribution has come to bite the Brutish in
the Pollocks.

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