American Brexit Committee letter




John M. Corcoran Esq, Chairman

Michael J. Cummings, Secretary

September 9, 2021

Mr. Mike Donilon

Sr. Advisor to the President

Executive Office of the President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, D. C. 20500

Dear Mr. Donilon:

The American Brexit Committee consists of  Americans from all walks of life concerned with Britain’s exit from the European Union and its impact on the people of Ireland.  It has now become clear that Britain was an untrustworthy partner with the U. S.  in the Irish peace process.  Prime Minister Johnson has proposed a criminal cover-up of Britain’s lawless policies and actions in Northern Ireland and has  dismissed  various obligations of  accords  reached under the Good Friday Agreement.  Moreover, Britain  has proven to be an equally unreliable partner with the EU in abiding by the terms of the N. I. Protocol to the EU-UK exit pact.  The importance of the EU in promoting multi-lateral diplomacy and economic security and in demanding democratic accountability can not be over emphasized.  Clearly these circumstances require a fundamental and sweeping examination of UK relations and a re-set of that relationship in the post-Brexit world. 

In December President Biden will host a virtual Summit on Democracy “…to focus on challenges and opportunities facing democracies… and to showcase one of democracy’s unique strengths:  the ability to acknowledge its weaknesses and imperfections and confront them openly and transparently…”  There are many nations struggling to build their democracies but only one that has perfected the appearance of democracy while  avoiding  and manipulating  elections and corrupting the rule of law and justice.  


In 1920 Britain  created  a sectarian garrison  called Northern Ireland first by obstructing   the  democratic vote  of the  last General Election in all of Ireland and then by ignoring its result.  The  region created by the imperial act of partition   has been sustained for 100 years by military crushing of political and civil rights, the targeted assassination of human rights leaders like Patrick Finucane and Rosemary Nelson and lawless policies of internment, censorship and imprisonment injustices usually associated with Russia or China. No other modern ‘democracy’ in Europe has purposely murdered  six  elected Councilors  and 11 opposition campaign workers  who were  performing   duties like vote canvassing and constituent services.  That is the Northern Ireland of today as Britain hurriedly tries to bury this lawless past and pretend it will ever restore the democracy the Irish people voted for in 1918.

This model of anti-democratic governance is, of course,  at odds with the public relations campaign of British Foreign Minister  Dominic Raab whose mantra  is “Global Britain will lead the world in promoting good governance, the rule of law and the protection of human and civil rights.” This does not include N. I.  In fact, the British will make every  effort to insure Northern Ireland is not a part of  the Summit on Democracy.  The cycle of violence created by this democratic crisis  inspired the Good Friday Agreement (GFA), a bi-partisan pact supported by  three American Presidents led by Bill Clinton.  The GFA   has achieved a measure of success despite being undermined by British actions and policies virtually from the date it was adopted.  Britain’s  Conservative Party today seeks the repeal of the 1998 Human Rights Act of N. I.,  demands a criminal cover-up of lawless killings and injustices and  refuses to conduct a GFA required referendum—a democratic vote—on the question of re-uniting Ireland and ending a partition for which not one Irish vote was ever cast. 

Unfortunately Britain’s  subterfuge of democratic institutions in Northern Ireland  has been neglected by a compliant media focusing on world hot spots and America’s expansive foreign policy agenda.  It has given a special meaning to the Washington Post’s claim that “Democracy dies in darkness.” Sadly, Northern Ireland has been an  example offered by many  of the   arrogance and hypocrisy  of British leaders   who claim  a sovereignty never given them by the Irish people.   We urge   Summit  leaders to  include  the participation of  the victims of British misrule,  include   a debate on Britain’s   anti-democratic tactics in Ireland and to document  the  lessons  for others that must be learned from this grim and deadly chapter of the greatest theft of democracy in the 20th century!


John M. Corcoran, Chairman                                                       Secretary, Michael J. Cummings   

215-280-3711                                                                                      267-766-5028                                                          

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