You probably never heard of an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. I hadn’t heard of them until this (Saturday) morning when I looked at TMES 2, the section of THE TIMES devoted to Fashion, Showbiz and general air -headed concerns.

It shouted at me –  “I was silenced – No one else should be ”  quoting “Harvey Weinstein’s former PA on why she wants a law banning NDAs.

Inside, Zelda Perkins, is quoted as saying that Weinstein was allowed to do his worst. As a 24 year old PA, Ms Perkins had hired another 24 year old woman for Miramax, the media empire headed by Weinstein.

Weinstein attempted to rape the woman at the  Venice Film Festival and Perkins felt responsible for allowing her to be in a room alone with Weinstein as she herself was repeatedly harrassed by him and knew him as a predatory monster.

Ms Perkins had developed a slavish devotion to her career and was bound by a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.

The TIMES 2 article by Helen Rumbelow reported on BBC  surveys showing some students at British universities and some House of Commons employees had signed NDAs.

An American survey in July this year suggested that 57% of American workers have NDAs written into their employment contracts.

But the law eventually caught up with Harvey Weinstein and in February 2020 he started a 23-year prison sentence for rape.

NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS which facilitate criminal activity seem to be modelled on the UK’s Official Secrets Act passed during Britain’s planning its war on Germany in 1911.  It has allowed British war-mongers to get away with murder.

British media dare not report, for instance crimes committed by its governments or its allies in Ireland, Iraq, or Afghanistan.

Julian Assange has put in the public domain documents which, if put before a court similar to that established in Nuremburg in 1946, would see senior American and British Government figures imprisoned or hanged.

For this service to mankind he has been held in solitary confinement in Britain’s most secure prison for over two years while the United States seeks his extradition under the Espionage Act. In its so called War On Terror the USA has abolished the Bill of Rights, including that of free speech.

Critics of Putin and champions of “Pro Democracy” Billionaire Media Barons in Hong Kong are silent on this injustice.

The counterfeit liberals in the government parties and academia and the Irish media are  complicit with the US, British and other warmongers.

Just as Dun Laoghaire unveils the statue of Roger Casement, murdered for his exposure of Britain’s Crime Against Europe planned by the secretive Commitee of Imperial Defence from 1904 on.

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